Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Made 'em? I only have three. Two are private but the other is weekly film reviews... longer than seven words this time ;) Share yours here while I work on my top ten list. I'll post it tomorrow to kick off the awardage.


suburbanidealist said...

Did you see your quite-nice shoutout in the Times?

Anonymous said...

Spread the love for Clint Eastwood.

- cal roth

Nono said...

I like your resolutions but what are you going to do those dreaded weeks in January-March when there's literally nothing but garbage (but occasionally a gem) in the theaters?


good point

don't think i'm not worried ;)

Douglas Racso said...

read this... and get mad

my new year resolution is to blog more hahha

Fox said...

1. Get in better shape
2. Make more money
3. Save more money
4. Become as well known as Nathaniel R.!

Barry, Milwaukee said...

1. pay bills on time
2. write my screenplay
3. go see The Price Is Right
4. move!

bbats said...

Write and make more vids. Speaking of which, please click upon my name above to check out my new web series, "Taste Test".

Happy new year all!

John T said...

Nat-congrats on the Times shout-out; that's so cool!!!

jimmy said...

1. Lose weight/lower cholesterol/get in shape.
2. Go to NY at least 2x this year.
3. Have a really fun wkend at least once a month.

Emma said...

To stop Facebook stalking this guy I like, and to write better film reviews. Oh, and to work harder. :)

Gregory said...

My resolution is to not watch many movies and follow my Fatloss guides for idiots. So far ive lost nothing.