Monday, January 05, 2009

Random Meryl Streep Thought of the Day

Oh hush! Don't act like you don't think about Meryl Streep at least once a day! Glenn here. I'm not sure if Nat or anybody else around these parts has mentioned it, but I just realised that when Meryl Streep gets nominated in a couple of weeks time for her performance in Doubt - and, honestly, is there actually any doubt? *pun intended* - it will be exactly 30 years since she received her first nomination. Her first coming as it was for Best Supporting Actress in the 1978 Best Picture-winner The Deer Hunter.

Impressive, no?

Either way if she's nominated or not it's still and impressive feat, and considering she's been nominated 14 times already, another nomination this year will bring Meryl to an average of one nomination every two years of her working career. Yikes! And to think, I thought it was impressive that I managed to take the garbage out on time this week!


mrripley said...

i know people expect streep to win at the globes but can i just state she has lots of them where kate winslet has 0,she has never won a golden globe

mrripley said...

another thing ican clearly see the supp actress nod for winslet it is not her film and she does disappear from it 3/4 through and at the end i can justify it totally although cruz is still leading her.

Jesper.L said...

I Think Meryl Streep will win the GG in Comedy or Musical category for Mamma Mia!.

jimmy said...

My hope is she finally wins Best Actress for "Doubt." As a Catholic school veteran somewaht close to that era - she nailed it. She was perfect. The majority of the critics have no experience with what nuns were like / what Catholic school was like. She was trying to do the right thing. Bravo.


yes 15 nods in 30 years is might impressive. it's on par with WOODY ALLEN's screenwriting record which is something like 32% of all of his efforts get nominated. though nobody will ever top John Williams ease at getting nominated. If he scores a movie in any year, he gets a nod.

Moose said...

Would Streep be the first to win lead drama and lead comedy in the same year at the Globes? I think she's likely for Drama, and I'd thought that Hawkins was the fronter for Comedy, but the voters for the Globes can be really streaky. You might think that Mamma Mia was a lesser film (haven't seen) but the HFPA seems to like it enough. Wouldn't that be crazy if Meryl won both?

jimmy said...

i could hardly sit through Mama Mia. Only reason I stayed was because my 12-year old daugther LOVED it. "The Winner Takes it All" was particularly painful....Pierce Prosnan singing was pain-envoking. everytime someone started singing they all started to run...sing / run.

mrripley said...

so we are saying winslet goes 7 for 7 no wins at the globes!!

Guy said...

Actually, lately I do think about Meryl Streep once a day, and each time, the thought is the same:

"Please God, don't let her win for Doubt."

Anonymous said...


GG Actress Drama: Steep
GG Actress C/M: Hawkins

Critics Actress: Hawkins

SAG Actress: Hathaway

Oscars Actress: Streep

Hayden said...

My favorite part about all of Meryl's beautiful nominations is that she's managed to do it without any of this ridiculous double nod nonsense studios are obsessed with today. Like she earned them the old fashioned way - one at a time, without any glaring category fraud.

adam k. said...

Yeah and they even passed her over for double nods TWICE when she legitimately deserved them, no category fraud required (2002 & 2006).

adam k. said...

In any case, I think Kate's winning the golden globe. She's never won, and she too is nominated twice. And they'll surely wanna give Cruz the globe for supporting. I think the double nod for Streep will be considered reward enough, given all she's already gotten from them.

Meryl should win the critics' choice, though... unless it's Hathaway. It's so weird that both the critical favorite (Hawkins) and the Overdue One (Winslet) are absent from the BFCA. I can only assume then that Streep wins it by default.

Shawn said...

Just want Winslet to win SOMETHING. Globes would be great, but Oscars would be perfection.

Hayden said...

I still think people are underestimating Hathaway's chances at the Globes. Streep doesn't have a shot because they owe her absolutely nothing, and Winslet hasn't sold me for anything this year. Hathaway is just such a "Golden Globe" actress.

John T said...

Yeah, Nathaniel's right as far as Williams goes. He's been nominated for something like 42.7% of all the films that he's scored (plus 4 Best Song nominations). It'll be up to 43.2% if he manages to pull off the Indiana Jones 4 nomination.

adam k. said...

I wouldn't be too surprised to see Hathaway win the globe... though I still expect it to be Winslet. None of Winslet, Hathaway or Streep would surprise me.

It would be very interesting, though, if Hathaway started to sweep the BFCA, Globe, SAG... I just don't get how they'd be that kind to her performance and then ignore everything else about the movie. I'm even starting to doubt its original screenplay win now.

David Giancarlo said...


BFCA: Hathaway
GG (Drama): Jolie
GG (Musical/Comedy): Hawkins
SAG: Streep
BAFTA: Scott-Thomas
Oscar: Winslet


david would that oscar races were that exciting... but usually the winners don't vary much

Rick said...

Winslet should not win just because of many nominations... her turns this year were not great .. "The Reader" is ridiculous for her to be nominated in Supporting Actress category ... desperation should not win an Oscar!!!

Glenn said...

If they give the GG to Streep it'll be because they know she gives great television. Really great television.

David Giancarlo said...

It's a shame that the winners don't vary so much; many people should get recognition. I hate sweeps. I do feel confident in my predictions for the BFCA, SAG and Comedy GG. I actually think that Streep is headed towards the Oscar.

django said...

BFCA : Hathaway
GG drama : Winslet
GG comedy/musical : Hawkins
BAFTA : Hawkins
SAG : Leo
Academy Award : Streep

adam k. said...

There's no way Melissa Leo wins SAG. More like that it'd be Streep paving the way for her oscar win. Or Winslet. Or even Hathaway.

But other than that, your sequence may well come true. I think it would be fun if it were...

BFCA: Hathaway
Globe: Winslet
SAG: Streep
Oscar: Winslet

Lots and lots of suspense. Anything but a sweep. This year should have some drama, what with all the dueling of the overdueness. But I think the most logical winners are:

BFCA: Streep
Globe: Winslet
SAG: Winslet
Oscar: Winslet

Hard to say, though.