Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Based on a Link Story

the trailer
"Matt Damon in The Informant"

Oh and... Low Resolution is hosting a Trailer Tournament 'Best of the 00s'. Go and vote

the movies
AV Club 12 Things Woody Allen Just Doesn't Get (fun article, mostly spot on)
The Washington Post's Dan Zak gets a lengthy chat with Michelle Pfeiffer for Chéri. I should note that I have met and lunched with Dan so I knew this next bit of info was coming. "Pfans" are discussed though Michelle, ever the reluctant superstar, doesn't seem to know what they are. You mean she never checked out my "Pfandom" website in 1999? ;)
HitFix beautiful new teaser poster for Precious. How many is this film gonna get?
Movie|Line Stereotypes fears swirling round The Princess and the Frog
Let Me Entertain You names Ann-Margret (Tommy) the Best Actress of 1975

broadway baby
Avenue Q is closing in September (sniffle)
The Little Mermaid is closing in August (yay!)

intermission, bathroom break
Ephemerist Justin Bond 'the positive nihilist'. I love Ms. Bond so much. With great muches. Muchly
OMG Pina Bausch (Talk to Her) has passed away
Jane Fonda a thoughtful piece on her brief friendship with Michael Jackson and rehearsing for one's own death
hilarious article about a teenager giving up his iPod for a Walkman. Undoubtedly funnier if you remember Walkmans
I Need My Fix on Patrick Dempsey's second fragrance. I didn't know there was a first


Jorge Rodrigues said...

I don't know about you but I just lost some confidence on Matt Damon's chances of a lead actor nomination...

I liked the trailer but doesn't it feel too loose, too light?

Agent69 said...

Oh, God forbid for a movie to be devoid of pretentious Oscar wanking. As far as I'm concerned, the comedic touch is a huge plus for the movie. And Matt looks brilliant. I haven't been this excited for an acting performance based on a trailer since Milk.

Jorge Rodrigues said...

Yes, I agree (I wasn't complaining, just expecting something different), but still I'm not sure...

Iggy said...

Thanks for those links, I've been lol-ing with the one on Woody Allen and I crave for anything Pfeiffer related, so thanks again.

I loved picturing Pfeiffer laughing at the idea of having pfans, like trekkies. Though red dresses don't suit me I could use a whip ;) if there's a dress code required for pfans. Isn't this unawareness of our existence just another of the multiple reasons for pfandom-érie?

ms. Berkowitz said...

I agree with Jorge Rodrigues. It looks like it could be easily overshadowed by other actors witty heavy roles. It reminds me of burn after reading.

ms. Berkowitz said...

oops......I don't know how I mispelled that. I meant WITH not witty.

Wayne B. said...

I compiled a list of 12 directors whose oeuvres I desire to see and Allen was at the top of the list, now after reading that article, I'm very unsure....

To anyone who cares, HAPPY CANADA DAY! :)

Ann McD said...

Have you heard about "The Kids are All Right" starring The Bening and Julianne Moorre as a same-sex couple?


Ann... i have heard but it requires it's own article. soon.

wayne do not let that article deter you. believe it or not that article i think is aimed at fans. I mean i LOVE Woody but his flaws are apparent you know? His runs from 77-86 and again from 92-94 are just so damn enjoyable and smart and funny and resonant.

Joe Shetina said...

Love the Woody Allen article. SO true, though.

Davey said...

Oh, "The Informant" is a comedy then. Scratching off that Oscar nod for Matt Damon in lead actor for this.

That Jane Fonda blog about MJ was sad to read, but she was so right. I can't imagine that he would have liked the idea of growing old and losing his pop star powers as it were.

Joe Shetina said...

Oh wow. It took me all day to realize my blog's one of the

Pfangirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pfangirl said...

God, it's only taken like 12 years for "pfandom" to come up! Glad it finally did though it is somewhat disappointing, if not unsurprising, that Michelle was blissfully unaware of "us."

Anonymous said...

Ann-Margret as an Academy Award Winner? That sounds amazing to me. I definitely agree with "Let me entertain you"

1975 Best Actress line-up:
Isabelle Adjani (the story of Adele H.)
Ann-Margret (Tommy)
Louise Fletcher (One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest)
Carol Kane (Hester Street)
Romy Schneider (The most important thing: Love)

as my personal winner I would select Schneider...but regarding Oscar race I would choose Tommy's Nora over Fletcher anc (the cinephile alternative Adjani)...