Thursday, July 02, 2009


First and Last: first image after the opening credits and the last image before the closing credits.

Can you name the movie?
The cinematography is by Dante Spinotti who also lensed the remake of this particular movie (after it became a franchise)

Highlight for the answer: It's MANHUNTER (1986) the film which first introduced moviegoers to Hannibal Lecter. It was remade later as RED DRAGON (2002)

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Michael W. said...

It's Manhunter.

I love the colors of their clothes in the last shot. You don't see that very often now :D It's straight out of Miami Vice. The 80s rocks!

Anonymous said...

Damn, he beat me...I second Manhunter


Robert said...

Manhunter: the tale of one man and his love for short shorts.


robert. ha ha.

this movie is so beautifully shot but that's Mann and Dante Spinotti for ya (doing it again right now in Public Enemies)

Chris Na Taraja said...

Good movie, but I never would have guessed.

Neb said...

This movie is a weird paradox in the world of Hollywood.

Pretty much every person in this movie should have been bigger than they were.

How did William Petersen not have a monster career? How did Tom Noonan not get great roles? Is Dennis Farina stuck with playing freaking awesome bit parts and stereotypes? Will Joan Allen ever win an Oscar despite her consistent greatness?

And am I the only one who thinks Brian Cox is a better acted Lecter?


neb I know! not only that but it's way better than RED DRAGON which is basically the same movie, right?

Marsha Mason said...

The look and feel of this movie's pretty cool, but I'm not sure it's right for a serial killer movie. I've always prefered "Silence"'s simpler, grimier feel.

"Lecktor" was better than Lecter in "Red Dragon," but not in "Silence."

But give me Peterson over Foster's (or Juli's, wtf?) Starling any day.


Marsha Mason i wish you were the real Marsha Mason cuz i so need to talk to her!

everyone do y'all think PUBLIC ENEMIES is going to revive interest in Mann's older pics?

Marsha Mason said...

Just close your eyes and imagine me there, sweetie. The real Marsha Mason is with you always.

Marshall said...

Mann missed one of the deleted scene opportunities not including the scene he wrote where Graham goes to visit the next family on Dolarhyde's list.

Michael W. said...

I actually think that Manhunter is much, much more terrifying than Silence of the Lambs.

The scene where Dollarhyde is watching his victims in their sleep scares me every single time. Silence doesn't have anything that frightens me as much as that.

Quality wise I would rate them about the same. They are both great pictures.