Sunday, May 02, 2010

By Odin's Link!

Awards Daily yes, everyone is already obsessed with Summer 2012 now that we know Chris Nolan's Batman will return. It's a franchise world we're living in.

So... let's get this over with.

The mighty Thor is coming before the next Batman. In approximately 369 days. And we're thinking about this primarily because the internet is insatiably interested in superheroes and they are thus impossible to ignore. The Almighty Internet has actually declared this photo of Chris Hensworth as Thor be posted from the rainbow bridge of Asgard to the wide streets of Harlem, New York and beyond. Offending blogs and sites shall be struck down.

Dutifully I post though I'm still struggling to care. Whenever I think of Thor I only think of that little girl in Adventures in Babysitting and how weird it was that someone's favorite superhero was Thor!?! And once I'm done thinking about that I can think only of Alexander Skarsgård's magical hammer. Or the Mjöllnir one imagines him to have.

I know I should let it go -- that he didn't get the part -- but even his name reminds one of the home of the Norse gods.

what were we on abou---oh, yes, yes...

Coming Soon Esteemed director Bill Condon shares his reasons for taking on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and never once mentions money! Liar liar pants on fire ;)
Just Jared Scarjo in DC with her twin brother for the White House correspondents dinner
Guardian Burnt by the Sun 2, the sequel to the foreign film Oscar winner, flops in Russia. Interesting article on the Why of it. Maybe this isn't a sure thing as Russia's Oscar submission?
/Film Hank Azaria as Gargamel for The Smurfs. I have an inexplicable desire for this movie to be good but the odds are most decidedly against it I think
In Contention wonders if Jim Carrey is ok
The Daily Beast on why David O. Russell's political comedy Nailed is still in limbo. I normally find it difficult to enjoy stories about the business side of moviemaking: contracts, insurance, unions escape me. But this is interesting. I like his films so I'm hoping they find a way to finish it.

Randomness! Just because it amuses
Instructables Gummi Bear surgery
situated laundry Johnny Weir vs. Evan Lysacek summarized
MTV Movies "my name is Talky Tina and you better be nice to me" I can't tell you how horrified I was of Talky Tina as a little boy... though I remember her as "Talking" Tina

Stage Craft?
Tony Predictions from Michael Reidel, Just Shows To Go You, while Time Out New York offers up only who *should* be nominated. The big question mark might be how Addams Family fares given the critical drubbing. I'm currently rooting for Everyday Rapture because even though I haven't seen it yet I am in love with Sherie Rene Scott. I have every note of The Last Five Years deeply embedded in my brain and vocal chords. I'm also rooting for Valerie Harper in Looped because I have seen that one and she was great. As is often the case these days there are a ton of big and small movie/tv names who might be in the running including: Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Alfred Molina, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Kristin Chenoweth, etcetera... The Tony nominations are announced on Tuesday.


Christine said...

How do you get picked to go to the White House Correspondents' Dinner? The celebrities at it always seem so random and ill-matched. Why ScarJo, plus that little Canadian pop star kid, plus Pfeiffer, plus Jessica Simpson?


i imagine it's like the People's 50 Most Beautiful thing or any other "list" of celebrities. a combination of who you know, how hard your management is working that month, your publicist's plan. etcetera.

John T said...

I'm seeing The Addams Family on Broadway this summer, so I'm hoping it gets nominated for at least one major award.

James T said...

I totally agree on the Thor role but why so pessimistic about the movie? (That's what I got anyway). It's Branagh. It could be good or at least interesting.

James T said...

Wow, I just saw that they honored Alicia Silverstone! I really like her and I'm happy she is still doing stuff but I never thought that she would ever be considered a stage actress worthy of a Tony nomination! Good for her.

Ishmael said...

The release of the first picture from London Boulevard doesn't warrant a mention?

Maria said...

Oh, Nataniel, you wouldn't imagine what a joke Burned by the Sun 2 is. It has been laughed over everywhere in Russia by critics and moviegoers uniformly. It a shame really to see the final collapse of the once great director and actor, the author of my absolute favorite movies, those include the original Burned by the Sun. Forget about any Oscar chances for it. I'm expecting a scandal from Cannes, actually, it's only got into the competition by Mikhalkov's name alone, this movie is so below EVERYTHING, wonder what's happen then they'll actually see it.

OtherRobert said...

I'm baffled by what the Tony voters are going to do with the weak musical field. I really hope Sherie Rene Scott can pull enough the show must go on good will ala Christina Applegate to get Everday Rapture in for Musical/Book/Actress. Good will means a lot on Broadway and Scot has the benefit of good reviews and saving the Roundabout season rather than a broken leg in out of town try-outs and financial backers pulling out. The field is so weak, Scott is close to a lock for actress (especially since Cook is now winning Featured over Lansbury really scorching the Tony records). I hope they find room for Motego Glover in Lead Actress, as well, but I'm not holding my breath.

It's sad that there are only two new original score musicals in the running and both might lose out on to Enron. Don't get me wrong: I want a non-musical nominated in score so the voters realize how important underscoring can be in a play. Very strange Tony rulings are really screwing things up at the last minute. Cook isn't a lead in a show that features her almost as much as the Sondheim videos, but Gallagher Jr. is a lead in a very large ensemble show.


Ishmael -- sometimes while scouring the 250 plus sites and blogs i peruse to stay on top of news and linkable stuff... I didn't see this first picture from "London Boulevard". I'd love to see it.

Maria -- thanks for sharing. I was curious about how this could happen exactly. Seemed like such a slam dunk on paper.

James T -- i'm not totally pessimistic about the movie (I think Branagh might be a great choice for it, even considering his trouble spots) but I always thought that Thor was a stupid superhero. I mean I *love* mythological stuff but combining mythology with traditional superheroes and secret identity stuff never sat well with me. Seems like an uncomfortable graft.

Peter Chan said...

As for as the Tonys are concerned, I'll be routing for 'Next Fall' & 'American Idiot' this season.... I lurve me some Stark Sands. Count me as part of the crowd that's underwhelmed with the lack of new musicals out this season. The commercial success of 'The Addams Family' baffles me... but I guess that's show business. If Nathan Lane pulls this win out, I'll be taking my showtune-tappin' feet home.

Also, thanks Nat for the linky link referral. :)

Ishmael said...

Nat, as you had clearly perused "Awards Daily" I sort of assumed you'd seen the London Boulevard story which appears almost next to the Batman one.
Not that the picture is all that interesting, but it's a reminder that the project exists. And hopefully will be released well before 2012.

par3182 said...

speaking of tony nominations...

you neglected to mention the lovely laura linney