Friday, January 07, 2005

Directors Guild

The nominees are...
EASTWOOD -Million Dollar Baby
FORSTER -Finding Neverland
PAYNE -Sideways
SCORSESE -The Aviator

Haven't you heard? In an uncharacteristic fit of restraint Hollywood only produced five movies this year so these are, naturally and by default, your five nominees.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Gondry has no shot? Probably not, I guess. Who would be the other candidates?


I don't think Gondry has a shot, sad as it is. Because I guess it's easier to direct a mediocre awkward costumed biopic and a mediocre overlong musical biopic than it is to direct a structurally complex hilarious and poignant movie about love lost and the power of memory to define us.

or something...

The only potential spoilers I think are in order of likelihood:
Zhang Yimou riding that double whammy buzz.
Michael Mann because Collateral's campaign was awesome.
extreme longshots:
Terry George Hotel Rwanda
Mike Nichols Closer
and the fearsome polarizing twosome:
Gibson & Moore for their massive hits.

- l e e - said...

I know Gondry is an extreme longshot but what of the movie? Will the preferential voting system help it? I mean, as questionable as the Academy's tastes are, I don't really think Ray and Finding Neverland will end up #1 on many ballots especially with the The Aviator and Million Dollar Baby in the list. But are there enough voters who are passionate for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Am I just being the eternal optimist?