Monday, January 10, 2005

We're Almost Done (I Hope)

9:33 -I watch Wil & Grace irregularly so there's no reason for me to hate Eric McCormack but as a host I just do.
9:34 -I have an irrational hatred of Finding Neverland. It's true. I know it. I think they've pointed the camera at Kate Winslet more than any other celebrity tonight -even Mr. Cruise.

9:35 -BEST ACTRESS. I would be excited about this except that I know Hilary Swank is going to win and that just bores me silly. Yep. Kate looked sad --as well she should since she is one of the finest actors on the planet and she never wins anything. it's so freaking frustrating. This actually was not an embarrassing category but to my mind Swanks performance was the least of them. Not that she's bad. It's a good performance but Thurman, Winslet, Staunton, Bening --those are all Oscar calibre performances. Moreno is no slouch for a beginner either. WRAP. IT. UP. SWANK. my god...
9:39 -Marcia Gay Harden is such a cutie. Javier Bardem; great actor. But I'm not into that performance. Too easy. Be a quad, get an Oscar nom zzzz. Don Cheadle; great actor. But I'm not totally into that performance. Good but I'm not thinking it's one of the 5 best. Johnny Depp; great actor. But I'm not into that performance... are we sensing a theme here? Leonardo DiCaprio is really good in The Aviator and Jamie Foxx is really good in Ray and will win everything. Bo-ring. Paul Giamatti. And he's going to hug everyone. oh, just get to the stage. Hello. you're going to have a million chances to do this.

9:46 -Totally off topic. This commercial of Megan Mullaly with the M & Ms. silly but I gotta tell you. I have her CD "Big as a Berry" and it is freaking awesome. Her voice is superb and able to cover an enormous variety of styles. I highly. no make that HIGHLY recommend giving it a listen. Her rendition of "Take It With You" ahhhhhhhhh. love it.

9:47 -The career of Nicole's ex! These things are boring. I'm outtie.

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