Thursday, January 13, 2005

Huffman. Kidman. Thurman. CHENOWITH !?!

I realize that the makers of The Producers are trying to hedge their "no movie stars" bet on The Producers with the supporting blonde bombshell role "Ulla" but watching Candide last night on PBS's Great Performances series one has to wonder why the larger media world has yet to discover Kristin Chenowith. Sure she's now a 'name' due to WICKED... but really, the movie roles should start coming.

I know she isn't "statuesque" the way that Ulla is often described/thought of. But she's got every other part: the comic timing. the blondeness. the huge thrilling voice. I love Uma Thurman but can she sing? And (again loving Thurman) she certainly doesn't have Chenowith's glorious comic(aze) spirit.

If you've never seen Kristin Chenowith perform. DO NOT HESITATE once you get a chance. PBS has a clip of her "Glitter and Be Gag" aria up at their site (linked above) and Kristin performed that at her Carnegie Hall debut this past fall too as her encore --it was just thrilling.

Kristin has a country music album coming out. Opera? Broadway? TV sitcom? Broadway? Carnegie Hall? Country? Sure she's a little bit schizo when it comes to trying to build her career but she's awesome! There's no other word.

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