Tuesday, January 11, 2005

SAG Nominations

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role
Don Cheadle / HOTEL RWANDA - Paul Rusesabagina - United Artists
Johnny Depp / FINDING NEVERLAND - Sir James Matthew Barrie - Miramax Films
Leonardo DiCaprio / THE AVIATOR - Howard Hughes - Miramax Films
Jamie Foxx / RAY - Ray Charles - Universal Pictures
Paul Giamatti / SIDEWAYS - Miles - Fox Searchlight Pictures

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role
Annette Bening / BEING JULIA - Julia Lambert - Sony Pictures Classics
Catalina Sandino Moreno / MARIA FULL OF GRACE - Maria - Fine Line Features
Imelda Staunton / VERA DRAKE - Vera - Fine Line Features
Hilary Swank / MILLION DOLLAR BABY - Maggie - Warner Bros.
Kate Winslet / ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND - Clementine Kruczynski - Focus Features

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role
Thomas Haden Church / SIDEWAYS - Jack - Fox Searchlight Pictures
Jamie Foxx / COLLATERAL - Max - DreamWorks SKG
Morgan Freeman / MILLION DOLLAR BABY - Scrap - Warner Bros.
James Garner / THE NOTEBOOK - Duke - New Line Cinema
Freddie Highmore / FINDING NEVERLAND - Peter Llewelyn Davies - Miramax Films

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting RoleCate Blanchett / THE AVIATOR - Katharine Hepburn - Miramax Films
Cloris Leachman / SPANGLISH - Evelyn - Columbia Pictures
Laura Linney / KINSEY - Clara McMillen - Fox Searchlight Pictures
Virginia Madsen / SIDEWAYS - Maya - Fox Searchlight Pictures
Sophie Okonedo / HOTEL RWANDA - Tatiana Rusesabagina - United Artists

Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

THE AVIATOR - Miramax Films
Alan Alda - Senator Ralph Owen Brewster
Alec Baldwin - Julian Trippe
Kate Beckinsale - Ava Gardner
Cate Blanchett - Katharine Hepburn
Leonardo DiCaprio - Howard Hughes
Ian Holm - Professor Fitz
Danny Huston - Jack Frye
Jude Law - Errol Flynn
John C. Reilly - Noah Dietrich
Gwen Stefani - Jean Harlow

Julie Christie - Mrs. Emma Du Maurier
Johnny Depp - Sir James Matthew Barrie
Freddie Highmore - Peter Llewelyn Davies
Dustin Hoffman - Charles Frohman
Radha Mitchell - Mary Ansell Barrie
Joe Prospero - Jack Llewelyn Davies
Nick Roud - George Llewelyn Davies
Luke Spill - Michael Llewelyn Davies
Kate Winslet - Sylvia Llewelyn Davies

HOTEL RWANDA - United Artists
Don Cheadle - Paul Rusesabagina
Nick Nolte - Colonel Oliver
Sophie Okonedo - Tatiana Rusesabagina
Joaquin Phoenix - Jack Daglish

Clint Eastwood - Frankie
Morgan Freeman - Scrap
Hilary Swank - Maggie

RAY - Universal Pictures
Aunjanue Ellis - Mary Ann Fisher
Jamie Foxx - Ray Charles
Terrence Dashon Howard - Gossie McGee
Regina King - Margie Hendricks
Harry Lennix - Joe Adams
Clifton Powell - Jeff Brown
Larenz Tate - Quincy Jones
Kerry Washington - Della Bea Robinson

SIDEWAYS - Fox Searchlight Pictures
Thomas Haden Church - Jack
Paul Giamatti - Miles
Virginia Madsen - Maya
Sandra Oh - Stephanie

commentary tonight at the thefilmexperience.net as well as complete Oscar update-a-thon since we're past the point of no return... most of the ballots if not all of them are in now and, well, etc... what a surprisingly boring and homogenous year when you'd think without clear frontrunners in some categories that it would have gotten a little wilder.

ah well...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like bad news for Closer, Kinsey, good news for Hotel Rwanda.

James Garner? Really?

Gustavo H.R. said...


Sophie Okonedo is going to steal Streep's Oscar nod... After some oddball choices last year (such as Keisha Hughes and Samantha Morton) I wouldn't be surprised at all.
And they didn't mind SPANGLISH's crappiness. Good, at least the SAGs still maintain a bit of independence.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty pissed off at some of these omissions. No nods for Thurman, Carradine, Owen, Portman, Delpy, Dern, or even Bacon. This is not good. Not good at all.

Anonymous said...

Garner and Freeman over Owen? *slaps forehead* Moreover, what's with the overall CLOSER snub?

I'm happy for Cloris Leachman though.

Anonymous said...

I knew my predicting of James Garner and Gena Rowlands wasn't totally foolish of me.

I still have them on my Oscar predictions (Gena takes the fifth spot on mine that Meryl/Sophie/whoever has on other peoples) and James takes the Peter Sarsgaard/Alan Alda/whoever else spot.

David Carradine
Thomas Haden Church
Morgan Freeman
James Garner
Clive Owen

Cate Blanchett
Laura Linney
Virginia Madsen
Natalie Portman
Gena Rowlands

I really think The Notebook nom's a gonna happen. A fond farewell perhaps to James and Gena, as they're never likely to get another chance at Oscar.



sorry i didn't comment on this yet. had to update prediction pages first. more later