Saturday, January 22, 2005

Placing your order

Dear Academy,

I feel as if I know you intimately. I know all your habits, all the the things you hold dear. And yet, you remain a mystery. Oh, sure I know you'll have 5 of this, and 3 of that. Some habits are set in stone. But when you have your favorites and you can reach for one more, who do you choose? Why?

I must admit that sometimes your predictability bores me. But thankfully you get to have five of nearly everything, and sometimes it's really hard to know about that last choice. The main course is obvious, your favorite appetizers will be there, but what the hell are you ordering for dessert?

Love your fan/critic/enemy/disciple/lover/and constant uninvited companion,

p.s. I'm ordering your dessert later tonight. I hope I read your mind. If you don't like it I'm sure you'll let me know on Tuesday morning when you actually sit down to eat.