Monday, January 10, 2005

More for Sideways

8:19 -Evan Rachel Wood is 'awesome.' Jude and Julia kiss with REALLY open mouths in Closer, don't they? Best Ensemble. Clive was hoping they would win I think. Sandra Oh is SO cute. And I'm SO glad that they let Sandra do the talking. Give her some face time. She's talking about her hubby...without mentioning it's her hubby. Classy.
8:22 -Michael Moore without a baseball cap. wow. Of course Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor. I've never seen Jim Taylor before I don't think. Sandra Oh is very skinny, isn't she?
8:25 -Oh, Eternal Sunshine clips. Such a great great great great great great great movie. Oh well. At least it will live on for years and years even if it doesn't get any awards this year.

I think I'm already bored... though I am happy for the obviously happy and tight knit Sideways crew.