Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Eligible But Completely Snubbed...

There's a thread on this over at the Oscarwatch forum. For my money the strangest omissions --not necessarily by race or aesthetic quality but knowing they were American made, reasonably high profile, well appointed technically, but just weren't there at all anywhere, are...

Kill Bill, Volume 2 (coulda been screenplay, actress, sound, etc...)
I Heart Huckabees (coulda been screenplay, supp actors, etc...)
The Bourne Supremacy (coulda been technical prizes, supp actress, etc...)
The Manchurian Candidate (coulda been supp actress, technicals, etc...)
and very nearly
Kinsey which was a shocking near-complete snub going from one of the NBR tops to precursor noms here and there to a grand total of 1 nomination... and for the film's least impressive performance (both Sarsgaard and Neeson were more deserving in my eyes though there is a lot to love about Linney as an actress)

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