Monday, January 10, 2005

The Tom Tom Club

9:53 -OK. So Tom was really good in Minority Report. I'll give him that. He'll win the Oscar when he is old and gray and he'll get a standing ovation like this one. But can we move on? He just doesn't seem sincere to me. Ever. Like everything is an act. ewwwww. It's even a smarmy act tonight. Notice they really ignored the three Nicole Kidman co-starring movies in that montage.

9:57 -WOW. Sideways. That is really a shocker given that the BFCA only cares about predicting the Oscars. They actually went with their hearts it seems. Innnnnteeeeerrreeeesssting. I'm happy for Sideways. I know there's a backlash but the truth is movies as good as Sideways rarely end up doing this well, so it's something to celebrate even if it's not THE best movie of the year. But it's one of the best so it is fine.


Anonymous said...

Or maybe Sideways stands a good chance at actually winning best picture. I'm beginning to think so.

Gustavo H.R. said...

SIDEWAYS is not going to win the Academy Awards. Unfortunately, I missed the show yesterday, it wasn't aired here in Brazil. SIDEWAYS's sweeping the main categories was quite a surprise, but the Golden Globes will have to go with Scorsese's epic, and so will the Academy.

SIDEWAYS being named Best Picture over MILLION DOLLAR BABY or THE AVIATOR? Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

I saw a few pictures of Mr. Cruise in the backstage of the awards. He's was posing, making faces, etc. So I agree with your comments.