Sunday, July 17, 2005

Adam & Steve

Saw Adam & Steve a new romantic comedy written, directed and starring Craig Chester at the Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. I am happy to report that it was delightful. I am happy to report this because I see a lot of gay-themed indies which are pretty much crap. I have also been pulling for Craig Chester ever since I saw him in Swoon many years back and since he has always been out-of-the-closet, an act of integrity that so few professional actors seem to have the personal strength to perform. I haven't read his book yet "Why the Long Face?" but I will pick it up soon.

His new comedy is light on its feet, unashamed of its silliness, and quite funny. Not all of it works but it's so sweet that you can forgive missteps. It actually pulls off the romantic part, too. This might qualify Adam & Steveas a minor indie miracle. The film also stars Parker Posey, Melinda Dillon, Sally Kirkland, Chris Kattan, Julie Haggerty, and Malcolm Gets. The production company Funny Boy Films mentioned in the intro that they are expecting it to be released in January of 2006. It's a shame you have to wait that long.

In the interest of full disclosure I should say that I have actually met Craig Chester once in real life and also Jackie Beat a few times (who has a hilarious cameo in what will surely be one of the film's two most-talked-about scenes) as both are friends with someone I once spoke with regularly. It's the one showbiz circle that I've ever had any real contact with. I also see various members of their circles at various theater events around town (Parker Posey & Alan Cumming being the celebs I've seen most in NYC) so I guess I feel kind of proprietary about all of them. Must be the convergence of my love for New Yorkers, theater, queer creative types, and Hollywood.

Just thought I'd name drop --gag-- and share.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious to what you think about the new Missy Elliott CD. I'm a big fan as well, but to me it's not up to her previous standard. The songs sound much less original and interesting, more mainstream and average which is not something I want to be saying about her. "Under Construction" will be going back in the CD player, but I don't think "The Cookbook" will be ultimately even worth buying. Missy, get back with Timbaland and return to your previous form!!

Anonymous said...

I was reading a review - he disliked This Is Not A Test - and thought The Cookbook was a return to form. He also said the Timbaland tracks (there's 2 right?) weren't the standouts.


I indeed wanted to ask a question too and it fits perfectly in with this entry.

Have you seen (I'm assuming you have) the 1995 film "Stonewall" about, obviously, the Stonewall club and all that jazz. I randomly came upon it at 11:30 the other night didn't know what it was about or anything and found myself really liking it.

However, for some reason it looked like it was filmed in the 80s. It had the same aesthetic look that a lot of lower budget 80s movies have.

Anyway, thoughts?


Anonymous said...

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