Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Missy! Missy! Missy!

I am deeply ashamed. I always pick up Missy Elliott's new CDs the day they drop. Outside of maybe Björk I think she's the most inventive, funniest, most fascinating musician working. But today I was at work, stressed out of mind. It was raining. It's muggy. I forgot. Oh the shame! So The Cookbook will have to wait until tomorrow.

But while I wait I shall share my fav Missy songs for your information. In rough (and subject to change) order:

01 she's a bitch -da real world
02 all n my grill - da real world
03 i'm really hot -this is not a test
04 get ur freak on -...so addictive
05 let me fix my weave -this is not a test
06 work it -under construction
07 pass that dutch -this is not a test
08 sock it 2 me -supa dupa fly
09 hot boyz -da real world
10 4 my people -...so addictive
11 hit 'em wit da hee -supa dupa fly
12 izzy izzy ahh -supa dupa fly


NicksFlickPicks said...

Damn, girl, I'm working on the same post. I'll hafta shout yours out now.

Anonymous said...

I'm Really Hot is indeed really really hot (every time the record drops)


Anonymous said...

I'm sure there IS something out there more irritating than "Get UR Freak On". But right now? Struggling to think of it...


Anonymous said...

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