Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Heath & Jake -Posterized

Thanks to the great blog Towleroad [here is me bowing down] for placing this online yesterday... you can see a bigger version over there. Ang Lee is a talented filmmaker but, damn, this will have to be unarguably masterful to live up to both the hype/promise/fantasy of what it could be for gay and gay friendly viewers and what it needs to be in order to win over the non-gay friendly audiences to find Oscar or financial glory.


Anonymous said...

Great poster, thanks, and it suits the story too... Ennis turned away, with his head down, Jack's body turned toward Ennis but his attitude is also downcast.

I'm hoping Ang Lee brings something of the repression of The Ice Storm, the longing of Sense and Sensibility and human comedy of The Wedding Banquet to Brokeback Mountain.

The poster also prepares the audience for what will be a very sad movie.

Anonymous said...

God Damn, I can't wait for this. Not even because of what it's about and all that jazz but to see two of the spunkiest actors around playing those roles. It's not something we tend to see every day.

However, one thing I saw over on that blog was the talk about Mysterious Skin being BANNED here in Australia. I'm not jewish, but... oy vie, NOT AGAIN.