Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Box Office Blah Blah

Something I rarely do: Box Office Talk. The top films for the weekend

1. War of the Worlds $77.6 million (Total: $112)
No surprise. I'm more than a little curious to see what the drop off is next week, though. I am certainly not the only person who thought: whaaaa?

2. Batman Begins $19.3 million (Total: $154)
I know that I'm supposed to think this movie is somewhat of a disappointment but isn't it holding pretty damn well. 25% drops -- Pretty great, non?

3. Mr. and Mrs. Smith $12.7 million (Total $146)
I have to say an unpopular thing: I don't think that sex sells. I know you always here that it does. But usually when two stars are rumored to be bumpin, the box office is trainwreck like (Gigli, Proof of Life, etc...) In this case sex did sell. But really: Brad and Angelina. Who wouldn't purchase?

4. Bewitched $10.8 million (Total $40)
don't get me started. This movie should be happy with a middling take like $50 mil. Very very happy. I knew I was in trouble when the only thing I cared about was Kristen Chenowith and she was playing a nothing role...and looked enormous next to Nicole which is a weird thing to say since Kristen is a teensy woman. And I only cared about her character because I love Kristen on Broadway. Note for Chenowith fans: When she performed at her Carnegie Hall debut last year she dedicated "Popular" from Broadway's Wicked to Nicole Kidman because Nicole needed it. Funny

5. Herbie: Fully Loaded $10.5 million (Total $37)
La Lohan's appeal... is it already waning? She needs to make movies as old as she is as opposed to working the teen & family flick despite an escalatingly R-rated appeal. I hope she's good in Altman's next project.

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Anonymous said...

Mr & Mrs Smith is getting extremely good word-of-mouth. It's definitely going to end up being one of the most popular Summer titles - not in terms of gross (however, that too i suppose) but just because a lot of people find it fun and wild and not so god damn apocolyptic serious like a lot of others. Me included.

And, yes, you were definitely not the only one going whaaa at WotW. Me and my two best friends had the exact same drawn out conclusion to the movie (as explained in a different entry.