Monday, July 11, 2005

Pretty Lady

Happy Birthday to...

Sela Ward who turns 49 today
A few days ago, if you'll recall I raved about Sela's former television husband, that beauteous mid-level TV star Billy Campbell. He and Sela created one of my favorite couplings ever on television in Once & Again. As separate actors Sela and Billy are both fine talents. Together they were heaven . Or at least as close to celestial glory as television can get. As an actor Sela has just about everything you could ask for: charisma, beauty, a great voice, emotional expansiveness, and warmth. "Lily Manning" her character on Once & Again might have been unbearable with a lesser actor. 'Lily' was often maddeningly self-righteous or just plain old blind to what others were going through. But Sela's warmth and openness as an performer kept the character endearing and accessible. You still noticed the flaws but you could love them.

I will never know why Sela doesn't have a bigger career. Her filmography is filled with cameos and nothing roles. On television she's fared better. She has headlined two semi-successful series. She has two Emmys and a Golden Globe. But considering she's the prettiest 49-year-old on the planet, shouldn't there be another series built entirely around her. Like, right now.

Thank you. That is all.

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