Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Nathaniel Recommends

Today, in honor of 'six things' one of my new blog obsessions (heaven for those who live for random lists), I would like to recommend six things.

01 Me, You, and Everyone We Know.
macaroni [click]
02 Live Theater.
Recently I've attended quality memorable shows at Dixon Place and Ars Nova both of which sated my theater urge without Broadway-style wallet robbery. So take a chance on something small and cheap. If you're not in NYC, skip that touring company and support your local theater. They're out there. Even if you've never heard of them.
03 Posting Comments
Bloggers deserve feedback from their readers.
04 Turner Classic Movies
In just the past three days I've managed to catch two gems, commercial free: 1938's Jezebelwith an Oscar winning Bette Davis and The Magnificent Ambersons by the great Orson Welles.
05 Twenty-Four Hour Air Conditioning
Screw the electricity bill. Sweating is disgusting. Plus if you have pets, it's the humane thing to do.
06 Regular Flossing
Well, at least my dentist recommends that. I failed to take the recommendation seriously. Pain is my reward


Anonymous said...

Live theater is still alive and kicking here in Minnesota, although I must admit I don't attend it very often. I shall make a mental note.

That said, I am ashamed of not posting comments very often (this is only my second, I think)... so I present you with this:
Trailer for the new Julianne Moore movie.

As for regular flossing: overrated. Totally.

par3182 said...

the obsession is mutual.

Anonymous said...

Damn, The Magnificent Ambersons is excellent! It's definitely in my top 100... wherever it is.