Thursday, July 07, 2005

Translucent Skin. Perfect Bone Structure

Many readers have asked me what I do for a living. No, my enthusiasm for movie culture does not pay the bills. I work in Human Resources. I am currently looking for a new job to replace my current one. Last week I had an interview. I was extremely depressed that morning (due to events beyond my control) so as preparation for the interview I was searching wildly for something to cheer myself up with. Nothing is worse than an interviewee who is down-in-the-dumps. Coming quickly to my rescue: Memories of my friend Anna.

Anna is a former coworker and well-loved friend who makes me laugh so hard that my entire face hurts. She has made a whole performance art artform out of imitating me whilst raving like a lunatic about Julianne Moore's "translucent skin" and Pfeiffer's "bone structure." 'Translucent Skin' and Pfeifferian Cheek and Brow got me through that interview, I'll tell you that. Thinking of Anna's antics always make me smile (as do Julianne's epidermal glory and Michelle's genetic superiority, don'cha know). I didn't get the job but I didn't bomb the interview either.

This post is dedicated to my friend Anna (who doesn't know this blog exists) and to my other loved ones who continually exhibit faith in me and cheer me on: Ree, Jonny, CPK, Nick, KM, and more. I love you guys...