Friday, July 01, 2005

Friday CatBlogging: Monty's Domain

Last week I introduced you to my cat, Montgomery. Since he's so cute here's another brief meeting. Last night the attention-demands were fullblown. The meowing was done in full sentences --what was he saying? After 6 years I still can't suss it out sometimes. His food was full, the water was plentiful, the cat box clean, the petting instantaneous. The usual 'get home from work to be followed around the apartment' came with the less usual simultaneous leg hug attacks.

Monty's favorite place is the floor. Not for this feline the heights of doortops, dressers, or closet space. Monty surveys his kingdom from this expansive throne. He plops down, rolls around, and keeps his eyes super alert to everything. Maybe the floor-as-throne isn't such a bad idea after all... it does cover his entire world, after all! For shy moments his throne even comes with roofing (under the bed, table, chairs) should he so desire.

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