Sunday, July 03, 2005

IFC screenings

It's 3 AM so this will be über short but I figured I ought to celebrate my return to the movie theater with a screening entry.
I tried out the new IFC center -formerly the Waverly. It's a very weird space ~maze like. Very freezing. Too much light in the theaters in the form of glaring red exit signs which tint the sides of the screen red and overemphatic stair lighting which can cast a shadow on the wall of your bodily movement if you happen to be fidgety and sitting in the aisle seat. (which I am and was). But still a pretty good art house space. Between this and the Sunshine I will be amazed if the Angelica can keep its business since it has such poor space/conditions relatively speaking.

Me, You, and Everyone We Know Whimsical. Affected. Touching. Funny. Original. B+
Tropical MaladyConfusing. Hypnotic. Abstract. Frustrating. Singular. B
As always grades are subject to change --it's 3 AM. I can't be trusted.


Anonymous said...

I know it was a brilliant script and that the humor is pleased to be irreverent and why not. But I just don't see the poop fitting in all of this. I guess I have certain aversion for shit jokes and rather cover my ears or my eyes when filmmakers self indulgence falls into coprophilia.

Anonymous said...

coprophilia. ha ha.
you learn something new every day.

Anonymous said...

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