Saturday, July 09, 2005

here ya go

It's the annual 1/2 Way Mark Predictions for all of you who are incessantly asking me: when r u updatin' ? when r u updatin' ? when r u updatin'? Now, let me nap. Thanks. Oh, and comment.

The next big race altering event? The Toronto International Film Festival in September.


Anonymous said...

why not annette bening? running with scissors will be released this december.
caleb roth

NicksFlickPicks said...

[And with that, Hilary dials up her agent, and commands them to book a late-year distributor for Red Dust, stat!]

I'm still not counting Gwyneth out, and I dunno about Mrs. Henderson Presents.... Dench'll be good, but Stephen Frears is pretty durned uneven.

For some reason, I'm feeling sanguine about Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown: I'm not sure how well the movie will work, but the trailer suggests that this could be her Shakespeare in Love moment of "arriving," at least for Academy purposes.

Meanwhile, my hopes for The New World are so high, I'm choking on them—will Lubezki finally cop the Oscar he deserves?—and, though I'm sure it'll have its cultish devotées (and I may be one), nothing I'm reading about A History of Violence suggests to me that Cronenberg will have a shot.

Anonymous said...

Are you coming to Toronto again, Nathaniel? That would be awesome (and maybe this time I can finally meet you)!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Nathaniel.

Your support for Brokeback Mountain gives me hope. Jake is playing your "bottom" cowboy (ie supporting). Also, the narrative is from Heath's point of view. Jake's role is the more typical Oscar-bait though. Anyone who has read the story will know why.

There are so many possible choices in so many categories. Thanks again for playing.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about Haynes's announced "I'm Not There" - imdb has it released in 2005, but that doesn't mean much, of course. Do you think it will find any kind of awards success?

Anonymous said...

I think your predictions sounded pretty good from this point. Although that means that at least 2 of your more heavily featured movies will die and be replaced by something else.

I still think The Producers can do good, and I expect Proof to, for some reason, get a nod somewhere.

However on your Best Director page under Curtis Hanson it says that he is still new but it could happen... is that meant to be for Hanson or somebody else?

Not feeling the Elizabethtown vibe at all. Maybe it's because it has the exact same plot as Garden State...?


Anonymous said...

The White Countess sounds amazing. I've seen several docs and read a lot about fascinating, cosmopolitan, decadent pre-war Shanghai. Expect the Merchant/Ivory team will do it in great style.

Since I missed Natasha Richardson in Cabaret this will have to be my reasonable facsimile playing a taxi-dancer and part-time whore. Depending on the size of her role you might have to bump her up from 6th place.

Overall, I'm looking forward to most of your picks.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Clarification: I am only feeling sanguine about Elizabethtown in terms of Dunst and her chances to break out with awards groups. As for the movie itself, the preview was cringe-worthy except for her (and yes, Orlando is pretty), but I live far away from the Cameron Crowe Fan Club. Someone should really hire Jeff Gillooly to knock him in the knees, take that Oscar, and give it to Ken Lonergan. Better late than never.

Anonymous said...

Never been a Cameron Crowe fan. Jerry Maguire was nice but I didn't dig Almost Famous like many others and Vanilla Sky is one of those rare movies that gets a score of 0/10 from me. Just absolutely horrible horrible horrible. Hated essentially every second of it and the one bit I did like (Times Square) was ruined because IT WAS ALL A DREAM.

Abres los Ojos is much better despite, quite strangely, being essentially the same movie. I got into the vibe more with that one.


Anonymous said...


When the Toronto Film Festival announced it would host the "North American premiere" of Brokeback Mountain (as opposed to the "world premiere" of In Her Shoes) where did it think Brokeback would screen before then? Venice?

The only announcement I've heard for Venice is Hallstrom's Casanova which is getting a special screening because it was filmed there. Have any other selections for Venice been announced? Brokeback Mountain, White Countess, Brothers Grimm are rumored to be headed there.

Toronto also announced it will host Proof's "North American premiere". Will Venice get the "world" for that too?

By the way, I think your 7 noms for Brokeback is gutsy given that a lot of other people abandoned it post the Cannes snub.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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