Thursday, November 10, 2005

Joe Reid's Brokenback

Joe's New Column
He's off next week so read it twice. Store it up.

"Well, here we go. We all pretty much knew that Brokeback Mountain would encounter some controversy if it really expected to be the Oscar contender many of us hope it will be. I just wish it … didn't have to start out like this. Matt effing Drudge takes it upon himself to fire the first shot across the Brokeback bow, wondering if … wait for it … the film is "too gay" for the heartland. Yeah, I know, I'm shocked, too... "

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Anonymous said...

That's the kind of so-well-put argument that makes me wish I'd written it. Nice one Joe.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Drudge gay?

Anonymous said...

Nice, Joe. Your comments about breadbasket America are spot-on, I think. I live in "metropolitan" Wyoming--Cheyenne, that is, a city of 55,000--and even there no one has even heard of PULLITZER PRIZE WINNER ANNIE PROULX, whose little story may have been translated into an instant screen classic. It's ridiculous. I'll be in Cheyenne when Brokeback Mountain finally hits the theater. I'd like to say that'll be cool, because the "letters to the editor" are sure to be more heated and obnoxious than ever.

But, wait...Brokeback Mountain probably won't even play in Cheyenne. Or in any other theater in--or near--Wyoming. I'll have to drive to Colorado to see the damn thing.

Anonymous said...

Very true (the article).

However, I don't agree with his stance on the whole box-office thing. Saw II needs to be APPLAUDED. That the makers managed to keep the budget at $4mil and actually produce a movie that people wanted to see theatrically (and that will outgross over half of the Summer releases) is a feat and a half.

It's not Lions Gate's fault that they made a movie that people want to see.


Joe R. said...

Yeah, I think I got more bitter about Saw II than I probably should have. I mean, it's a shitty movie, there are lots of shitty movies. Whatever. I was really just disappointed the the box-office hasn't been there for any other movie this fall.

I think my point was that if Saw II - which got horrible reviews, barely any marketing, and whose original wasn't even received all that well - could pull in a stellar weekend like that, why is everything else tanking. Not Saw II's fault. YOUR fault, America! Heh.

Anonymous said...

I should've also said, that Saw II's box office is applaudable in 2005. Because any other year it wouldn't be a story, but this year it's NEWS. It made morethan Stealth and The Islands openings combined. And that's funny HAH HAH.

I'd be moredisappointed at film's tanking at the box office too if, ya know, more of the films flopping were actually better. But for the most part, audiences are showing remarkable ability in determining which movies are bad (Mr & Mrs Smith was great fun, okay!)


Anonymous said...

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