Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Madonna Week: Favorite Songs

My all-time favorite Madonna tunes
in rough and ever-changing order

25 Nobody Knows Me (2003)
24 Sorry (2005)
23 Gone (2000)
22 Bedtime Story (1994)
21 Human Nature (1994)
20 Music (2000)
19 Impressive Instant (2000)
18 The Power of Goodbye (1998)
17 Gambler (1985)
16 Don't Tell Me (2000)
15 Burning Up (1982)
14 Nothing Fails (2003)
13 Rescue Me (1990)

12 Cherish (1988)
11 You Must Love Me (1996)
10 You'll See (1995)
09 Everybody (1982)
08 Ray of Light (1998)
07 Rain (1992)
06 Vogue (1990)
05 Open Your Heart (1986)
04 Frozen (1998)
03 Into the Groove (1985)
02 Erotica (1992)
01 Like a Prayer (1988)


Anonymous said...

I am currently doing the very same list for my blog! "Vogue" is definitely my #1. No doubt about it.


Anonymous said...

Frozen is one of my favorites, as well. I can't say I'm an expert on Madonna, though. I'll certainly do my research in honor of Madonna month!

NicksFlickPicks said...

My Madonna-themed blog entry is dying in the womb just like all of my album reviews, but it does have a list of my favorite tracks.

Anyway, I can only assume you are trying to personally hurt me with the fact that my three faves--"Papa Don't Preach," "Justify My Love," and "Dress You Up"--all fail to appear here. Why you wanna hurt me, N? Haven't I always been good to you? ;)


If it means anything to you Dress You Up made the live performance list and Papa and Justify will both be high on the music video list.

and this ranking is ever changing, don'cha know.

BUT DON'T LET THE BLOG ENTRY DIE! i need an update. I've read Dispatches too many times.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit that "Beautiful Stranger" is not her best song, but it's the one that gets the most playtime for me. I never tire of it.


Calum Reed said...

Ok this is very rough cause it changes all the time but at the moment:

1. Like A Prayer
2. La Isla Bonita
3. Over and Over
4. Frozen
5. Pretender
6. Dress You Up
7. Papa Don't Preach
8. Beautiful Stranger
9. Justify My Love
10. Live To Tell
11. Paradise (Not For Me)
12. Love Don't Live Here Anymore
13. Like A Virgin
14. Oh Father
15. Jump
16. Nothing Fails
17. Borderline
18. Justify My Love
19. Open Your Heart
20. Promise To Try
21. Lucky Star
22. Drowned World/Substitute For Love
23. The Power Of Goodbye
24. Into The Groove
25. Nobody Knows Me

adam k. said...

Why is Deeper and Deeper not even on the list!!?? Is it not an original or something? It is my favorite Madonna song ever. It kicks off her Greatest Hit album, and how. I just think it's amazing. I am shocked at its exclusion.


well the thing is with Maddy, even those songs below the top 25 (which changes of course) I still love. There's only a song or two on each record that I don't care for. Most of the time I love...

Anonymous said...

I was beginning to wonder why "La Isla Bonita" wasn't on your list, Nathaniel--and apparently I'm not the only one.

Don't settle for second best, baby...


la isla bonita is actually in my least favorite list.

but this is making me want to expand the top 25. there's so many great songs that were left out. that's how great she is.

Anonymous said...

I personally am not a "La Isla Bonita" fan. Didn't click for me.

Top rough top 25 would go

1. Vogue
2. Live To Tell
3. Crazy For You
4. Ray of Light
5. Oh, Father
6. I'll Remember
7. Bedtime Story
8. Into The Groove
9. Rain
10. This Used To Be My Playground
11. Sorry
12. Frozen
13. Like A Prayer
14. Music
15. Get Together
16. Hanky Panky
17. Deeper & Deeper
18. Take A Bow
19. You'll See
20. Borderline
21. Hollywood
22. Cherish
23. Nothing Fails
24. Holiday
25. He's A Man
(26. Open Your Heart)

...or, something like that.


qta said...

no love for "La Isla Bonita"? my fave.

NicksFlickPicks said...

I did this list and forgot to post it. Hold on, the phone's ringing - it's Nathaniel! Bizarre. Anyway. (Maybe if I keep typing, Madonna will call.)

1. Papa Don't Preach
2. Like a Prayer
3. Justify My Love
4. Inside of Me
5. Dress You Up
6. Lucky Star
7. Music
8. Angel
9. Vogue
10. Into the Groove
11. Holiday
12. Like a Virgin
13. I'm So Stupid
14. Waiting
15. Where Life Begins
16. Hollywood
17. True Blue
18. Erotica
19. Burning Up
20. Love Profusion
21. Bye Bye Baby
22. Think of Me
23. Express Yourself
24. I Deserve It
25. I'd Rather Be Your Lover

I didn't like leaving off Bad Girl, Beautiful Stranger, Causing a Commotion, or Material Girl, but dem's de breaks.


Nick wow. we have so few similarities in our lists. It just goes to show how many great songs Ms. Ciccone/Penn/Ritchie has recorded in her long long career.