Monday, November 21, 2005

Press Hooks for Oscar

We all know that in the battle for attention that is "Awards Season" for films, it helps to have a media-friendly 'story', a press accessible angle to keep people talking about you. 1996 had "The Year of the Indie". 1998 had WWII and Queen Elizabeth as big multiple-film talking-points. 2004 had 'the Year of the Biopic.' So where is 2005 headed? Here are you options...

Socio-Political Crises
Munich, Crash, Brokeback Mountain, Jarhead, The Constant Gardener, Syriana and Goodnight and Good Luck

Biopic Fever Continues OR Because Ray, Kinsey, Finding Neverland, & The Aviator just weren't enough last year!
Capote and Walk the Line

It's a Gay Gay Gay Gay World
Brokeback Mountain, The Producers, Capote, Rent, Transamerica, The Libertine and Breakfast on Pluto *this angle has already been approached by the NY Times in what will undoubtedly become a camp classic of heterosexual panic journalism (see also ModFab's take on this strange piece.)

Miscellania OR Films that can't play along with the "stories" unless they become one themselves
Memoirs of a Geisha, King Kong, Cinderella Man, The New World, White Countess, Mrs. Henderson Presents, Match Point and Pride & Prejudice


adam k. said...

Munich is listed twice in your "sociopolitical crises" mix. But that's OK, it makes sense. It is kind of "in your face" in that way.
Look at me, I'm Steven Spielberg's new film "Munich!" I want oscars! What is my name, you ask? Munich! That's right. "Munich" with an M. Got it.

tim r said...

The Libertine isn't gay at all, more's the pity. At best you could describe it as mildly bicurious.


my my nitpicky today.

tim r said...

Sorry, didn't mean it to come out that way! Just thought you might want to be apprised, since advance word is misleading. This is 17th century metrosexuality, basically.

tim r said...

Just read that wacky NYT piece. So: the genius of Hoffman's performance is that it goes beyond sexuality? Gosh. I hear this Capote fella even found time to write a book or two, when he wasn't busy, you know, being gay.