Monday, November 07, 2005

Whither Bening?

It occurred to me today whilst thinking about the Best Actress Oscar race [yes that's my cerebral default mode. sigh] that it's a real shame they decided not to release Mrs. Harris theatrically. Several folks who saw this film at the Toronto Film Festival went nuts for Annette Bening's performance --even some who hated the film. So why couldn't they figure out a way to release this for Oscar consideration? How appropriately sweet would it have been if she had swept into this year's rather minor race as a surprise entry ~an avenging Oscar angel.

Pathetic as it may be, I'm still licking my wounds about last year.


John T said...

Man, that would have been fantastic-having the divine Ms. Bening picking up a trophy-one of the best, and certainly someone who should pick this up sometime, though I think that she's going to be relegated to a supporting Oscar.

Anonymous said...

You know what I wish? Warren Beatty had a film out and he went all the way to a Best Actor Academy Award and when upon the stage he punched Hilary Swank and told her to give his wife her Oscar that she deserved (or, moreso than Swank)

...or, ya know... something equally exciting (like Heath Ledger winning... that'd be a thrill)