Thursday, November 03, 2005

Random Thoughts on Thursday Morning

Items scrambling for space in my head. some dusty. others new.

* time goes by so slowly. time goes by so slowly. time goes by...
* I always harp on the cesspool that is reality TV but I'm thrilled to watch the incredibly bizarre and abusive America's Next Top Model weekly (bizarre in that it actually works dramatically and abusive in that the show gets tons of mileage out of revealing the stupidity of its cast.)
* Babe-a-licious silver-fox Anderson Cooper got promoted. (mf)
* tick tick tock it's a quarter to 2
* Diane Keaton's turn in The Family Stone is going supporting for Oscar (ic)
* Madonna apparently loves Brokeback Mountain (tw). I feel more and more confident that this is one of the 5 for Oscar.
* i can't keep on waiting for you. i know that you're still hesitatin'

and more...
* So Jared Leto is dating Lindsay Lohan. Is it just my imagination or does Leto get around? Like, I mean, a lot. (pitnb)
* See What I Wanna See playing at the Public Theater in Manhattan (starring Idina Menzel. written by Michael John LaChiusa) is good. A bit rough maybe, but gorgeous music and really interesting.
* Jake Gyllenhall is hot. I know that's a big "duh" but... well, he is.
* Senator Harry Reid is my new hero. Politicians with backbones are hot. Let's all send him gifts.
*i'm fed up. i'm tired of waiting on you


Anonymous said...


Not only are politicians with backbones hot, but Senator Reid is an LDS (or Mormom) one to boot!

Where did he come from? And how did somebody like him end up Senate Minority Leader? Hats off to him for that achievement.

After this week, I'm sure Senator Reid is a lot of people's new hero for the way he stood his ground.

Happy Thursday!


Joe R. said...

It's all in the name. Duh.

Anonymous said...

Diane's going supporting (that's too bad, Best Actress is beyond empty). The link isn't working, by the way.

Jake is so hot, it's almost impossible to look at him (but I do my hardest).

Speaking of hot, having Anderson Cooper for more hours a day is exciting.

Harry Reid is also hot (anyone taking on Bush, Frist, DeLay, Cheney, Rove, and the gang is hot in my book).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what's with the suddenly overcrowded supporting field for actresses? Meantime it's looking like they only have to GET a leading role in a film and they get nominated.

So supporting is now:
Bello, (possibly) Johansson, Keaton, Keener, Li, McDormand, Thurman, Weisz, Williams, Yeoh

And leading is now:
Dench, Theron, Witherspoon and 2 tumbleweeds.



Anonymous said...

Believe me, I was dancing and cheering watching Mr. Reid bitchslap poor little Frist. But now back to my more usual cynical self: how sad is it that it's gotten to the point that we're overcome with excitement that a Democrat actually did their damn job? I mean, this sort of thing should be standard procedure for an opposition party.

And yes, Cooper's hot, but I'll miss Aaron Brown. There really just aren't any TV anchors with that kind of experience, thoughtfulness and maturity left.

and now that i've got all that off my chest, I return you to your regularly scheduled programming...


Rob -ALLEN. You're forgetting Allen. The category is shapeless and she can bring it together with her inebriated snap in Upside of Anger. If NewLine knows whats good for them, she'll get a decent campaign and a nomination.

Anonymous said...

I'm just not feeling the Allen nod. I thought it was a good turn, and certainly worthy, but I just don't see anyone out there keeping the dream alive. I hope I'm wrong, and I hope you're right, because it's about time they invited her back to the party.

Having seen Pride & Prejudice, though, I can easily see Keira Knightly sneaking in there. It's that kind of adorable, "oh, she CAN do something" role that might just get overestimated and land her that "hot right now" nomination.


Anonymous said...

My god, we have had a similar week...Jake, Madonna, politics, Madonna...rock on, Nathaniel R!

Javier Aldabalde said...

no one is mentioning Ullmann's incredibly sensitive portrayal this year. sure she may be ineligible or whatever, but should at least be considered for a FiLM BITCH actress nod.

Anonymous said...

ROB! I knew somebody else had to agree with me on my Keira hunch.

She WAS great though so I wouldn't be miffed if she got a nod over, say, Charlize or someone. Except Allen. I need Joan Allen in there to keep being sane.