Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Technical Difficulties and Corporate Behemoths

Please excuse the absence of posting or site updates. I am at war with my internet service provider and inventing new swear words daily for their hideously ineffective and expensive services. The problem has persisted (on and off) for a week and I find that I really have become totally. utterly. inexcusably dependent on the internet. I can't even remember how one finds movie times without it or does any research for writing projects or gets in touch with friends, or... in other words ---I am lost without "the internets". I am using a friends computer very briefly to alert, you, my readers as to why I am absent.

My apologies. Please build voodoo dolls of Time Warner executives and curse their monopoly, their unwillingness to part with my money even when they don't provide the service I've paid for, and our government for allowing such monopolies to exist.

That is all. [/venting]

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