Thursday, November 17, 2005

Madonna Week: Floor Show Part 1

Perhaps what you'd really like is a review of the new Madonna CD Confessions on a Dance Floor? My only response to this request is A+ Love it --BUT it's too soon to judge. I am always ecstatic the first week of getting new Madonna goodies, whatever they may be. Even the bad movies. I have to let the CD seep into my bones first. I have been taking embarrassing dance breaks during blogpostings (thank god there's no audio/visual here). If it means anything to you my fav tune at first listens is "Sorry". But while you wait [or perhaps no one is waiting and I am merely suffering from my typical delusion that the entire planet worships her] It's time for countdowns. More to follow unless you all scream "uncle"

My 13 Favorite Live Madonna Performances
Part 1 ~ 13 to 9

13 "Into the Groove" (Who's That Girl)
Madonna always ends her show with big group party numbers. The song is bliss --but you knew that already.

12 "Sky Fits Heaven" (Drowned World)
Combining her obsession o' the moment (geisha) with a literalization of the way I already viewed her (superhero!) she flies about and vanquishes her enemies. (What enemies, you ask? Well, onstage it's some of the dancers. But in my mind she's always smashing barriers, destroying pop conventions, and evicting boredom.) This spectacle is juvenile perhaps but it's a 100% ass-kicking good time.

11 "Deeper & Deeper/Why's It So Hard?" (The Girlie Show)
Madonna parties hard with backup girls Donna and Niki (as she does, happily, in nearly every tour) and then an orgy develops --sex always reared its multi-heads during this time period in Mo's career (92-93). That she makes the silliness work (70s costumes -disco balls, etc...) towards expressing something meaningful, in this case an AIDS statement, is one of the reasons I worship her.

10 "Dress You Up" (The Virgin Tour)
Words cannot describe how I felt in 1985 for the very first seconds of seeing her live in Detroit. This was the opening number. I was an awestruck screaming mess.

09 "Music" (Drowned World)
Another big party number. Madonna shows aren't exactly "spontaneous" --every second feels planned. But they work anyway as live shows because she is clearly having fun. The background projection, Madonna, at all stages of her career was a perfect way to illustrate the celebratory motif of this song.

To Be Continued...


Anonymous said...

My #1 choice thus far: "Jump", with "Forbidden Love" and "I Love New York" nipping at its heels. Though the whole thing feels like her best damned album this side of "Like A Prayer" if you ask me. Which you didn't.


Calum Reed said...

My favourite song is 'Sorry' as well. 'Jump', 'Isaac' and 'Get Together' are really good as well. This is a great great album.

My favourite live performance of hers is 'Holiday' from Live Aid in '85. Classic.

Anonymous said...

1 Like A Prayer (Live 8)
2 Express Yourself (Blonde Ambition)
3 Sooner Or Later (Oscars)


Anonymous said...

The Oscars perf should be #1 by default. Not only does it mix Madonna and the Oscars, but it's also a great song from a great great great great great great great great great great (did i say great?) movie... Dick Tracy. One of my all-time faves.


1. Sorry
2. Get Together
3. I Love New York (what's with the silly lyrics though?)
4. Hung Up
5. Let It Will Be
6. Like It Or Not
7. Future Lovers
8. Jump
9. Isaac
10. How High
11. Forbidden Love
12. Push

Push is a tad too wordy I think, and Forbidden Love maybe a tad too Pet Shop Boys meets Kraftwerk. But having said that, I still think How High is brilliant, so you can only imagine how much i love the other 9 as well.

God, it's such a great album. I've listened to it about three times every day since buying it on Sunday. It works extremely well as the continuous mix but most of the songs also work fine singularly. Brilliant. Probably my fave album of the year. And I thought it'd be tough to beat The White Stripes' Get Behind Me Satan and M.I.A.'s Arular.


Calum Reed said...

I actually really like 'Push', though I agree it doesn't really belong with the theme of the CD. More pop than dance. The lyrics to 'I love new york' aren't great I admit lol, especially the first line about being a dork. Hmm.

Glenn I love M.I.A. She is so class. I heard Galang and fell in love with it, there's just so many different things in there.

adam k. said...

It looks in the montage like Madonna is punching that guy's face in. The guy in the missionary position.
That's hot.