Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Your Reading Assignments

I am busy as a bee, studying my dictionary, so go away! Er... to these places.

Javier, borrowing a filmbitch oft-awarded obsession, on the "wow" that is Daryl Hannah as Elle Driver.

Nick defends Birth a movie we both do solemnly swear to protect.

ModFab is mixed on this year's ModFab genderbender movies. What, is it 1982 again and nobody told me?

Jill blessedly states the obvious. Unfortunately, it's so not obvious to many.

Kris plays incredibly coy and annoys his readers. But I thought he already had a favorite film of the year? He practically wet himself when Lord of War opened months ago. [/bitchiness]

MaryAnn offers a pointed timely quote that's so applicable to right now. But you all knew that the USA was getting positively Orwellian, didn't you? You're smart.

Josh likes Jarhead more than most. And you gotta hear all sides. You owe the movie that (It not being a complete wash and all, despite what you may have heard.)


Kris said...

I never called Lord of War the best film of the year. But it's certainly one of the best. :)

Javier Aldabalde said...

hey nice read, but i'm still trying to figure out what kris is trying to do over there.

please don't you torture us like that, nat.


kris was probably trying to pique interest. and he succeeded.

Anonymous said...

Man, I sometimes think I'm the biggest fan of Birth on the planet...


Javier Aldabalde said...

but that's called cruelty ;)

Anonymous said...

"kris was probably trying to pique interest. and he succeeded."

interest in what? himself or a movie? kris seems desperate for attention. kind of pathetic

Anonymous said...

Aah, the Anonymous' are blog hopping. THey're gonna take over our planet pretty soon.