Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Bionic Link

Superhero Hype has word on a reenvisioned Bionic Woman. Hey, maybe that Battlestar Galactica magic can happen twice. Cross your bionic fingers. It certainly could be a healthy post-Buffy modern girlpower series. I think we need another. I watched Pink's Stupid Girl video the other day and just thought "yes. what is going on?" If this new Bionic Woman is approached with as much creativity and smarts as Galactica has been it could be even more flexible with commentary on our society. I heart Galactica but I worry that it might be painting itself into a corner by becoming so specifically about one particular political thing (i.e. the war on terror) when it used to be about almost everything political.

Oh and good luck trying to find someone as winning as Lindsay Wagner for the role.

Non Bionic Links
Mister Fanboy on the TV show Heroes. He took the words right out of my mouth. Every single last one of them.
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Gallery of the Absurd forget about the gossipy adoption bit, what's goin' on with Madonna's head?
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Aunt Elinor Fights Crime litmus test (funny stuff on Foley scandal)


Fanboy said...

Great minds must think alike - and hate crap acting/dialogue too.

Cinesnatch said...

thanks for sharing the Pink video. I haven't seen a good new music video in years. Pink kicks ass.