Saturday, October 28, 2006

Top Ten Sneak

These are my favorite ten pictures (alpha order) of 2006 so far give or take The Last King of Scotland --I'm reassessing The Queen soon due to poor viewing conditions on my first visit)

Obviously being eternally hopeful at meeting the next Moulin Rouge!, Brokeback Mountain or A History of Violence. I hope this top ten looks different come January 1st.

Still salivating for: Babel, The Children of Men, The Curse of the Golden Flower, Dreamgirls, For Your Consideration, The Fountain, The Good German, Pan's Labyrinth, Perfume and Volver in particular though obviously the possibility of loving something I'm not expecting to is also tantalizing.

Q: What are your current favorites and what are you still desperately awaiting? Tell all in the comments.


Javier Aldabalde said...

My favorite so far is Volver, Almodovar's finest ever, and I can't wait to see Requiem most of all.

Gilidor said...

Of your list, I loved THE DEPARTED, LITTLE CHILDREN and INSIDE MAN, enjoyed SHORTBUS, and hated MARIE ANTOINETTE. Haven't seen the rest.

My Top Ten so far:
Bang Bang Orangutang
Lady in the Water
The Prestige
Clerks II
The Devil and Daniel Johnston
Mutual Appreciation
Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna
V for Vendetta

Next, I'm holding up much hope for THE GOOD GERMAN and THE FOUNTAIN, maybe DREAMGIRLS or CHILDREN OF MEN too. And then there is the trifecta of potentially great comedies, BORAT, PICK OF DESTINY and FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. Pretty good year....

Anonymous said...

I have not seen many movies as I would have liked to, but since I'm 15 and it's hard for me to get into R rated movies (Little Children I had to buy two tickets and return one later, so they would I have someone to go with) but anyways here is my top 5 in order from my favorite, which is funny becuase most of them are rated R. Anyways I am expecting this to change majorly:

Little Children
The Departed
Little Miss Sunshine
The Illusionist
Thank You for Smoking

Here are the movies that I am waiting for:
The Children of Men
The Last King of Scotland
The Queen
Driving Lessons
Running with Scissors
Flags of Our Fathers
Marie Antoinette
The Prestige
Flushed Away
A Good Year
Stranger Than Fiction
Casino Royale
Happy Feet
For Your Consideration
The Fountain
The History Boys
The Nativity Story
The Holiday
The Good German
Blood Diamond
The Painted Veil
Charlotte's Web
The Good Shepherd
Rocky Balboa
Notes on a Scandal

I think that Animated movie at this years Oscar will go to Happy Feet. I looks like one of those animated movies that everyone wants to see and everyone will love.

Anonymous said...

The Departed
The Descent
The Devil Wears Prada
Inside Man
Little Children
Little Miss Sunshine
The Queen
United 93


PS. Can we please get some GLOBE buzz soon?

Barry said...
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Anonymous said...

And the movies that I want to see are in order of release date except Children of Men which should have came out in September.

Barry said...
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Barry said...

My Top 10 so far:

1)World Trade Center
2)Akeelah and the Bee
3)The Descent
5)United 93
6)Hard Candy
7)Final Destination 3
8)Over the Hedge
9)V for Vendetta
10)X-Men: The Last Stand

I still really want to see: The Queen, Babel, Little Children, Marie Antoinette, The Departed, The Prestige, Shortbus, Saw 3, Fur, Volver, Notes on a Scandal, The Good German, Bobby, The Fountain, Stranger than Fiction, Flushed Away, A Prairie Home Companion, The Good Shepherd & Dreamgirls and The Children of Men

Anonymous said...

Just curious:

Who thinks "Flags of Our Fathers" will get a Best Picture nomination at the Golden Globes?

Anonymous said...

My Top films at this point: Shortbus, Brick, The Descent.

Anonymous said...

My TOP 5 so far:
1. Little Children
2. A Prairie Home Companion
3. The Queen /I'm still wondering WHY
4. Volver
5. The Departed
I'm looking forward to seeing "Babel", "The Prestige" and "Notes on a scandal" mostly.
By the way, I'm curious what exactly in "Marie Antoinette" has made you love it so much? It didn't work for me at all.

Anonymous said...

At this point my ballot would look like this:

1. United 93
2. The Departed
3. The Queen
4. The Descent
5. The Proposition or Half Nelson

I'm most looking forward to

- Children of Men
- Volver
- The Good German
- Notes on a Scandal
- Pan's Labyrinth

I've already been let down by The Prestige and Babel both of which I had high hopes for.

Anonymous said...

this year's favourites so far (alpha order):
Children of Men, Devil Wears Prada, Indigènes, Perfume, POTC:DMC, Thank You For Smoking, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, United 93, Volver,

Still waiting (some anxiously!) to see:
Alatriste, Babel, Happy Feet, Pan's Labyrinth, Scoop, The Departed, The Illusionist, The Fountain, The Prestige, The Queen, The Science of Sleep

Anonymous said...

I don't even have a Top Ten yet?!?!? LOL, this year hasn't been that good. But I'm in love with:

United 93
The Departed
The Queen
Marie Antoinette
A Prairie Home Companion

And I CANNOT wait for:

Notes on a Scandel(it just looks like such bitchy soap opera fun, with JUDI!)

Little Children (hasn't gotten here yet, but the book is my favorite of the last few years)

Fur (if only to see yet another underrated Kidman performance, and it looks gorge!)

The Good German (The way it looks....ugh! Cannot wait.)

Stranger than Fiction (Emma Thompson...duh?)

Anonymous said...

MIAMI VICE (and I doubt it'll be beat)

- cal roth

DL said...

My Favs:


But alas, I have to wait till all the R-rated movies come out on DVD to really have an opinion. :(

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

My top 10 (considering the crappy release dates here) so far would be:

1. Volver (and I seriously think it will remain up there in spite of whatever I see next)
2. The Devil Wears Prada
3. The Descent
4. United 93

Well that would be the SERIOUS one, I mean, considering what I've seen, the rest would look something like this:
5.The Break-up
6.The Lake House
8.Superman Returns
9.Snakes on a Plane
10.Poseidon yeah, none of those movies will probably end in anyone's real top 10.
Which is why I'm dying to see the following:

The Queen
The Departed
Notes on a Scandal
The Good German
Marie Antoinette
Children of Men
For Your Consideration
Little Children
The Prestige
Little Miss Sunshine
Running With Scissors
The Black Dahlia

Worst of the year so far:
Lady in the Water

Paxton Hernandez said...

My Top Ten so far:

01 Love Me If You Dare
02 Hostel
03 Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
04 3-iron
05 5 x 2
06 Así
07 Paradise Now
08 The Jacket
09 Marebito
10 Breakfast in Pluto

Still waiting for,
C.R.A.Z.Y which opens next month, Caché that opens ¡Friday! and Palindromes.

Lucas Dantas said...

I wish I could make a list like yours. The theatres in the towns I've lived lately in Brasil suck! The Devil Wears Prada for example has been on Brasil for almost two months but it never came to my town! So, all I've seen at the cinemas so far were:

The Break Up
The Black Dahlia

Well those are the ones I liked enough to remember. The ones I enjoyed on DVD but were this year's releases are:

V For Vendetta
Hostel... that's all.

Since I started to read this site I've been dying to watch all the buzzed ones especially

The Devil Wears Prada
Running With Scissors
Little Miss Sunshine
Little Children.

I'm also looking forward for:

A Praire Home Companion
The Departed
Marie Antoinette
For Your Consideration
The Good German
The Queen

Paxton Hernandez said...

Uh! I forgot! The worst:

01 Munich
02 The Da Vinci Code
03 World Trade Center
04 Poseidon
05 The Omen (2006)
06 Superman returns
07 Cry_wolf
08 Firewall
09 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men's Chest
10 Allegro

Anonymous said...

Hey there, best wishes from Berlin, Germany. My Top 10 so far look something like this:
1. Shortbus,
2. Volver,
3. Requiem (Germany),
4. The Children of Men,
5. Little Miss Sunshine,
6. The Lives of Others (Germany),
7. Science of Sleep,
8. Avenue Montaigne (France),
9. The Devil Wears Prada (just because of Meryl),
10. Marie Antoinette,

Close behind are: Perfume, Vers le Sud, Hotel (Austria), Borat, Summer '04 (Germany), Quand j'étais chanteur (Framce), United 93, Le temps qui reste (France), En Soap (Denmark), Inside Man.

The Fountain was somewhat disappointing, by the way. Absurdely esoteric!

Enjoy the sunday,

Middle-P said...

1) The Departed
2) Volver
3) Candy
4) King and the Clown
5) Flags of our Fathers
6) Brick
7) World Trade Center
8) Little Miss Sunshine
9) Babel
10) Thank You for Smoking

The Top Three probably won't change but the others are a little more shaky.

Top Ten I Am Looking Forward To (No Order):

The Good Sheperd
The Queen
Little Children
Southland Tales
For Your Consideration
Stranger than Fiction
The Last king of Scotland
This Film Is Not Yet Rated
Happy Feet

Middento said...

Having a small child, I've seen next to nothing. That said, of what I have seen, I've really liked...


Stuff that's out that I'm still itching to see:


And what I'm waiting for over the next couple months...


And I've seen very few bad movies this year, but the worst (and overhyped) in my opinion is still FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS.

Glenn Dunks said...

Living in Australia means that I haven't even seen most of the ones that are out in America yet, and we won't be getting a lot of the upcoming titles until 2007. Ugh. I really hate distributers.

Nevertheless, my top 5 atm is

1) Jindabyne (Lawrence)/ United 93 (Greengrass)
3) Children of Men (Cuaron)
4) The Devil Wears Prada (Frankel)
5) Ten Canoes (de Heer & Djigirr)
6) Cars (Lasseter)
7) Inside Man (Lee)
8) Kenny (Jacobson)
9) Macbeth (Wright)
10) er, Snakes on a Plane (Ellis)

Anonymous said...

SO glad to see Monster House on you list. This movie took me by suprise. I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. I really hope Happy Feet is better than it sounds. Why is Robin Williams doing most of the voices? One Robin voice is nearly too much, I can't imagine a half dozen.

Here's hoping Monster House gets some love with AMPAS.

Anonymous said...

havent seen too much so far but my tentative top 10 would be along the lines
little miss sunshine, brick, duck season, thank you for smoking, the puffy chair, the great new wonderful, manderlay, v for vendetta, hard candy and russian dolls

im anticipating volver, babel, the fountain, stranger than fiction, CRAZY, little children, stranger than fiction...

douglas said...

my top then thus far:

1. The Departed
2. Shortbus
3. Volver
4. Superman Returns
5. Brick
6. Marie Antoinette
7. Little Children
8. Duck Season
9. Half Nelson
10. A Prairie Home Companion

could change after repeated viewings)

eagerly waiting for:
Fur, Pan's Labyrinth, Stranger than Fiction, The Good German, Children of Men

Yaseen Ali said...

Still working out my list, but it would include the usual suspects: Volver, The Departed, The Sun and some others I can't recall just now.

But looking forward to the following, if I had to re-do my list of the most anticipated:
1. Dreamgirls
2. Notes on a Scandal
3. Miss Potter
4. Children of Men
5. Fur
6. Guru
7. Inland Empire or Southland Tales, whichever releases first.
8. The Holiday
9. For Your Consideration
10. The Good German

Anonymous said...

Loved The Departed, Devil Wears Prada, Prairie Home Companion, Little Miss Sunshine, The Illusionist, and The Last King of Scotland.

Barry said...

1)World Trade Center
2)Akeelah and the Bee
3)The Descent
5)United 93
6)Hard Candy
7)Final Destination 3
8)Over the Hedge
9)V for Vendetta
10)X-Men: The Last Stand

I still really want to see: The Queen, Babel, Little Children, Marie Antoinette, The Departed, The Prestige, Shortbus, Saw 3, Fur, Volver, Notes on a Scandal, The Good German, Bobby, The Fountain, Stranger than Fiction, Flushed Away, A Prairie Home Companion, The Good Shepherd & Dreamgirls and The Children of Men

Rob said...

My Top Ten so far:

Most anticipated:

rafinha said...

well nathaniel, I've seen several movies. and this is my Top 15 so far... try and see some of then that will not be released in the USA...

1. Shortbus
2. Volver
3. The Departed
4. Mutual Appreciation
5. A Praire Home Companion
6. Azuloscurocasinegro (from Spain)
7. O Céu de Suely (from Brazil)
8. Half Nelson
9. The Fountain
10. Clerks II
11. Pan's Labyrinth
12. Superman Returns
13. The Devil Wears Prada
14. Indigenes (from France I guess)
15. O Cheiro do Ralo (from Brazil)

I am currently seeing a lot of movies on São Paulo Film Festival (that is happening right now). And will soon be seeing "Babel" (wich I have high, high hopes). Enjoy your blog, see ya.

Paul C. said...

My favorites of 2006 so far:
1. Dave Chappelle's Block Party
2. The Death of Mr. Lazarescu
3. The Depahted
4. Brick
5. Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
6. L'Enfant
7. Bubble
8. The Black Dahlia (I'm an unrepentant DePalma fanboy, what can I say)
9. United 93
10. Jackass: Number Two

With a special shout-out to Jim Finn's INTERKOSMOS, which would make the list for sure but for the fact that it'll probably never get a commercial release.

Worst of the year: Battle in Heaven. Just... ugh.

My most anticipated:
Borat, etc.
Casino Royale (awesome book too)
And of course the upcoming re-release of ARMY OF SHADOWS. I love me some Melville.

Emma said...

01. The History Boys
02. Volver
03. Cars
04. The Departed
05. The Queen
06. Severance
07. District 13
08. L’Enfant
09. Children of Men
10. Mission Impossible III

I'm seeing Little Children and Borat next week. Also want to see Starter for 10. James McAvoy (my future husband) is in it.

Anonymous said...

My favorite so far is Little Children-- a deeply resonant, wonderfully understated film-- Kate Winslet better be properly recognized (I'm still depressed she was passed over for Hilary Swank in 2004.) I'm eager for lots. In no particular order:

-Children of Men
-The Fountain
-The Fountain
-Pan's Labyrinth
-For You Consideration

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh, and the worst? (cause it's funny to hit movies while they're down)

1. Footy Legends
2. American Dreamz
3. The Lake House
4. Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction
5. Solo
6. V for Vendetta

Anonymous said...

how someone came on my blog by yours?

Dave said...

I'm not sure whether my best of the year actually *counts* anymore, since it seems to have been shifted to 2007 (I saw it at the London Film Fest): Bug. Absolutely brilliant on every level.

But if we don't count that, then my top ten looks vaguely like this:

1. Children of Men
2. The King
3. Volver
4. Little Miss Sunshine
5. The Queen
6. Stranger than Fiction
7. Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
8. Clean
9. United 93
10. The Departed

Honorable mention to The Namesake (also LFF), which would be in there if it didn't also seem to be 2007.

CAN'T WAIT FOR: Little Children (next week!), Fur, Breaking and Entering, Pan's Labyrinth, The Nativity Story, Blood Diamond, Casino Royale, Apocalypto, The Science of Sleep, The Fountain, and The Good German.

Anonymous said...

My Top 10 as of this hour:

1. Volver
2. The Host
3. Princess
4. Frozen City
5. The Departed
6. Offside
7. Slumming
8. Summer 04
9. United 93
10. Grbavica

I'm going by original release so I'm not counting films that premiered in 2005 - otherwise Tristram Shandy and Brick would both be in the Top 3.

As for films I'm eagerly awaiting - there isn't a whole lot this year: Requiem, Shortbus, The Queen, Old Joy, The Lives of Others.

Barry said...

My Worst:
1)Stay Alive
2)See No Evil
3)Lucky Number Slevin
4)Step Up


this has been great perusing these lists. Thank you. I guess I need to add the following to my queue:


and hopefullly I'll get a chance to see some of the more obscure titles listed here.

these collected lists are just another example of how maddeningly different release schedules are across cities and countries even in the age of 'day and date'

Paxton Hernandez said...

You are damned right, Nathe. Even though we live in a day-and-date world, that only applies to certain titles (mostly Summer and Holiday fare). The rest of indie and foreign films depends solely in the cleverness (or stupidity for that matter)of the distributors.

That's why if you are making a 2006 Top Ten list here it is almost sure that it will mirror a U.S. 2005 Top Ten list. Here Jan, Feb, Mar and even April mirror the "holiday" Hollywood season, so I guess that is not that bad.

"Hard Candy" is a great but very gruesome film. There are things that I loved about it and things that I hated, but look out for the two lead's stunning perfomances, Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page. They are OUTSTANDING.

RC said... house over the!

John said...

Top 10:

1. United 93
2. The Prestige
3. The Queen
4. Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
5. The Last King of Scotland
6. The Illusionist
7. The Descent
8. Half Nelson
9. Tsotsi
10. Duck Season

Glenn Dunks said...

Yeah, that's why I have to leave my Top 10 and my awards until, like, May the following year. We'll still be getting 2006 titles in 2008 let alone 2007. I guarantee it.

Anonymous said...

Almodovar's best movie, "Volver"!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have this enormous feeling that people are overlooking what is being described as the performance of the year from Jackie Earle Haley in Little Children. Entertainment Weekly gushed over him this week, and he was supposed to be a major actor in his generation. However late, he is showing up strong and will be on the short list.

Carlos Reyes said...

my top 10

1. Babel
2. Little Miss Sunshine
3. Pan's Labyrinth
4. The Queen
5. United 93
6. Duck Season
7. Little Children
8. The Science of Sleep
9. Volver
10.The Departed

Worst of the year: Running With Scissors

Eagerly Waiting for: Children of Men, Dreamgirls, Three Times & Stranger Than Fiction.

Anonymous said...

My favorites so far: Devil Wears Prada, The Queen, Prairie Home Companion, The Departed, The Illusionist, Last King of Scotland, and Half Nelson.

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