Monday, October 02, 2006


I'm still in Michigan and mostly offweb. But I have a bit of time to kill between obligations and I desperately need the distraction. Here are some posts I'm using to feed escapist urges.

popbytes interviews Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters.
and your little blog, too lists classics still waiting for DVD debuts.
EW's popwatch on Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man.
Reverse Shot who knew that Little Children would turn out so divisive?
IDLRZ thoughts on a bunch of October movies.
Pen15 Club on Kristin Chenowith vs. Aaron Sorkin. I coulda lived without the diss on my Chen' who IS a star of stage (at least) but I knew nothing of this story so I was mighty interested to read it.
Low Resolution Hilarious Fall Movie Preview. Plus I get name checked 5 times: "Nathaniel" "Bening freaks" "fans of Brad Pitt" "Pedro's numerous and none-too-quiet partisans" and "fans of man" --ha ha. See how many time you get mentioned!

I also whiled away some time recently watching this great nonsensical Flash series "I Love Egg" which is deeply pleasureable if you find yourself needing to stop thinking and just be amused / surprised / delighted.


Joe R. said...

I do try to glom onto you at every opportunity.


hee i'm sure that others will find themselves name checked here or there but at the very least "Bening Freaks" was said with me in mind. i'll take it as a compliment.

i'm reading running with scissors now btw and loving it.

Joe R. said...

Oh, good! Such a great book.

And yes, you should most definitely take it as a compliment! I love the Bening freaks. I'm mostly one myself.

RC said... i watched two episodes of the egg videos...and...hum? i might have watched one more if i hadn't gotten all the pop ups...but...

i think 2 is enough.

Anonymous said...

So about Little Children, it just won Best Pic from the Broadcast Film Assoc. Film of Sept. 2006, and it beat out The Queen, The Last King of Scottland and much more! This is really going to be an American Masterpiece.

Beau said...

I see "Little Children" tomorrow midnight at the Arclight.

i can't fucking wait.


rc. i love egg is not loved by all, no. I may have overstated on the "deeply" pleasureable. But i really needed it. visual surprises are exactly what helps when I'm depressed.

there is so much to see in the movie theaters right now. can't wait to indulge in blogging daily again now that i'm back.