Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy NickDay

Nick Davis of Nicks Flick Picks turns 29 today. Since many of you readers are familiar with his work and some of you are true blue fans (as you should be), I figure that gives me an excuse to wax rhapsodic about my friend.

29 Reasons I Love Nick

  1. He's a helluva writer.
  2. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body.
  3. I love all peoples who treat Oscar Night like an actual holiday.
  4. If I pause a DVD to stare at Daniel Craig naked, he doesn't mind.
  5. When he writes beautifully about Pfeiffer I feel less insane.
  6. Nick on Nashville (and I quote) "I want to rub that movie all over me"
  7. He lets me play Walden pond at his apartment when I need to get away.
  8. And hey, now I have a place to crash in Chicago.
  9. He wears out his copies of Inside Oscar.
  10. He strokes my ego when needed--free and easy w/ compliments.
  11. For a skinny white boy he sure can get down w/ Missy.
  12. When the boyfriend complains about the piles of movies cluttering up our apartment I can selfishly use Nick's place as a comparative scapegoat to show how few movies I actually have.
  13. He's an excellent professor. Northwestern is lucky.
  14. It isn't a common practice with him but he's the best live awards blogger
  15. Few big name critics are as discerning and smart.
  16. Movies aside, he's also well versed in literature, politics, and theater.
  17. His politics are true Blue.
  18. We both love movies about women who lie to themselves.
  19. ...including the hilarious In Search of Debra Winger (which is like porn for actressexuals).
  20. Nick has a thing for Mariah Carey. I don't get this. at. all. But life would be boring if loved ones didn't seem like space aliens on occassion, wouldn't it?
  21. He understands the urge to LIST.
  22. ...and he gives in to it regularly.
  23. He's a sounding board when you wanna work thru an idea.
  24. He's always up for a group project.
  25. Whenever I see a movie that is particularly challenging or bizarre like, say, The Black Dahlia. I know immediately that Nick's review will clear up my own feelings.
  26. He can relate to my obsessive need to be at the movie theater.
  27. He's just a great guy.
  28. When you're reading his reviews and you think "wow, this guy sure pays close attention." He listens to his friends that carefully, too.
  29. He has a good soul.

Happy Birthday my friend.


Cinesnatch said...

what a sweet tribute/appreciation list.

adam k. said...

Nathaniel, what movies do you pause to stare at Daniel Craig naked?

Also, happy birthday to Nick!

Yaseen Ali said...

So, so true. He's so insanely brilliant about film, theory and literature that it frightens me at times. I also look to his reviews for direction when a film has gone completely over my head.

That was really nice, Nathaniel.

NicksFlickPicks said...

This entry is an incredibly, incredibly wonderful present, and a totally great surprise. Everyone who reads this blog hopefully knows how sweet and generous you are, but here is Exhibit #6000. Now when I reply to the guy who wrote me yesterday after reading my Legend of Bagger Vance review to ask if I "just have an ugly soul in general," I can provide this link as third-party counter-evidence! :)

Oh, and "letting" you pause during the Daniel Craig movie? It's so dear that you took that as some sort of selfless, beneficent gesture. How heroically, indeed, I tolerate these terrible burdens!

(The Chicago apartment is ready and willing to be another Walden Pond!)

adam k. said...

Again, what Daniel Craig movie are we talking about?

Anonymous said...

It's posts like this that remind me the internet isn't just some soul- and time-sucking harpy from the netherregions of hell. At least, not all of the time.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Daniel Craig naked in most of his movies?
He's all the way nude in 'Some Voices' and 'Love is the Devil' I believe. And almost totally nude in movies like 'The Mother' and 'Tomb Raider.'

Emma said...

Nick rules! I adore his site and his blog, love his posts, and wish him an extremely happy birthday.