Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Bening is Not Pleased


Annette here. What with all this talk of queens, I thought I'd stop by my favorite blog. I'm Hollywood Royalty as you know. Yes...yes... I married in but once you're crowned it hardly matters. Now go and make yourself useful. Quit bothering me with your questions (I stole that line from Ms. Streep. Isn't it great?)

Normally when I visit the film experience I try to bring a little star wattage along so as to illuminate your dull civilian lives. But this time, popping in, what do I discover? "Marie f***ing Antoinette week". Kirsten Dunst staring back at me when I have a new movie out? If Nathaniel thinks he's coming over any time soon to stare dumbly at Warren, he has another thing coming.

Please understand, I have nothing for or against this Kiki person whomever she may be. Warren tells me she's never been nominated for an Academy Award and I HAVE, fans, three times. Where is my week!? (Oh and yes, Warren is quick to know trivia like that --just a little quirk he shares with Nathaniel)

Marie-Antoinette over Dierdre Burroughs? This is as bad as the time that I reached for the NY Times Magazine to stare at my gorgeous new photo shoot and found a f**ing ELEPHANT on the cover? How on earth did Dumbo get higher billing? Is Hilary Skank moonlighting as a guest editor now?


Nathaniel is on notice. I'm making some calls. It better be The Bening week when I get back.


Ms. Bening

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Anonymous said...

Too clever- can't wait for The Bening week! :)

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm dense - what films are those shots of Bening from? I'm totally turned on by that top one.

[and the bottom one, too]

Glenn Dunks said...

LOL! Very funny.

Hilary Skank as guest editor!


anonymous --those photos are from the NY Times Magazine photo shoot (couple weeks ago)

Anonymous said...

I love it when La Bening makes a guest, sorry *starring*, appearance. :)

Speaking of The Swank, it reminded me of something Sasha over at Oscarwatch said a few weeks ago, "It's not over till the girl from the trailer park thanks her lawyer" or somesuch. LOL

Anonymous said...

You are crazy. This post made me grin from ear to ear.

Lucas Dantas said...

OMG!!! I had a blast reading this!! Bening is so bitchy, gotta love her!!

adam k. said...

These are from last week??? She looks so young... good makeup can really work miracles.

Anonymous said...

this post is fantastic! omg!

Anonymous said...

That's not realy her? Is it? WHy would she appear on some obscure website? Lies.