Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hump Day Hotties: Jamie Dornan & Asia Argento

It's Marie-Antoinette Week
Some people are turned off by Sofia Coppola's "history of feelings" approach to the biopic genre but I deeply dug Marie-Antoinette's exquisitely composed portraiture. (And let me just put it out there: I need non-traditional approaches if I'm gonna be asked to sit through another damn biopic. Seriously. Quit, Hollywood, quit!) Most of the feelings experienced through this new movie are not of the hot & horny variety but there are two hard-to-miss exceptions: Jamie Dornan and Asia Argento.

If Jamie, pictured above, looks a bit familiar to you it's because you've seen him mute and pretty, on Keira Knightley's arm. Jamie's taste in real life may run to the aforementioned anorexic and boobless, but in the movie he's just your garden variety Casanova. Any aristocratic female will do. And he definitely wants to get it on with one particularly booby dauphine. If Jamie looks as edible to you as he does to Marie-Antoinette and to me, eat up. Start by dining on his ass. What?! All the models are doing it (nsfw).

The other firestarter in this biopic is the infamous actress/director/provocateur Asia Argento who plays Madame du Barry. The court of Versailles views her as a cheap whore but she's the King's favorite. Asia, like Sofia, has the cinema in her blood. She's the daughter of Italian auteur Dario Argento (of Suspiria fame). But where Sofia seems altogether shy and introverted --perfectly willing to frump it up at awards shows, Asia is all about her own exhibitionism. Pose nude (nsfw). Make some movies. Piss people off. Anything to raise your temperature.

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Anonymous said...

Anorexic? What utter nonsense.

Dornan is, however, a sexist asshole. Saying charming things like this:

"The man is meant to be the alpha in the relationship on the money and power front and clearly I was not. You feel like you have to be dominant in other areas and that causes problems.”

Anonymous said...

Did you see the Notes On A Scandal trailer?


Anonymous said...

"Anorexic boobless"

Go fug yourself with a chainsaw, Nat.

Agree with the anon of 1:56 AM as to Dornan's enlightened views about women. The guy's a huge tool.


i was just being flippant... but i still find it almost as body dysmorphic (?) as anorexia itself when people can look at all of Keira's bones sticking out and not notice there's a problem. Must I link to photos again?


Sid said...

Well, she is boobless!

Anonymous said...

What pictures would that be, Nat? The ones in that unflattering dress from the London premiere of DMC, I assume.

This picture was taken that same day.
A few weeks later we got this one and this one.
The size of her thighs alone should be enough to end this silly talk.

Glenn Dunks said...

I'm sure Keira would delight in hearing people defending her as being fat.

LOL, j/k.

Who cares whether the guy is a perfect role model. This feature of the site is about attractiveness. Pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Who said she was fat?
She's obviously thin, although with relatively stout legs. It is, however, possible to be thin without being sick. And she's been pretty much this exact size for five years at least.

Now, some of those recent Nicole Richie pictures do look a bit scary, but that's on a different level entirely.

Anonymous said...

[This is thee Anon of 6:23 AM]

Its hilarious how Nat is such an ardent defender of Jude Law's small package, but heaven forbid someone has small breasts!

Totally unsecksay and anorexic (I remember your comparison between ScarJo and Keira)!

Bleargh. Flippant says you, superficial @$$hole says I. Your item of worship Dunst (and that other IoW Firecrotch) has all the same bones poking out of her frame, with the exception of bigger breasts. Then again, Kiki's legs are stick thin and weak looking, but I guess those aren't a sign of any eating disorders...

Oh hang it, its your site and your blog, write what you like. I'll look to alternative places for my Oscar buzz, this place is starting to remind me too much of an average gossip blog. I whined about this on the blog before, but stayed a reader nonetheless.

Now its time to face the music and accept the facts. [/dramaqueen]

SamuraiFrog said...

Asia Argento... Must watch Scarlet Diva for the 56th time and lose the ability to think of fuck all for the rest of the day...


Jason Adams said...

Jesus Christ, what a bunch of hooey in defense of an marginally-talented (at best) twig who relies on her haughty pout in lieu of character.

Dornan and Argento are both scorchers, anyway.


to anonymous,
i'm always sad to hear about the loss of a reader but... i do have to say this.

I actually find I've moved AWAY from the gossipy in the past couple of months. I was threatening to go too much that way during the summer dead months of cinema. But I can't really take this complaint seriously since I feel I've found the balance again, what with reviews, less starf***ing etc... (last time you complained I did feel --ooh, yeah. i'm tipping that way --I can take constructive criticism.)

oh and btw... i have nothing against flat-chestedness OR small penises. Bodies are bodies are bodies. The difference is whether or not we like the person attached... and I just aint crazy about Keira ;)

but again DUNST. I realize it's not a popular opinion but I think she's a terrific actress. The size of her breasts has got nothing to do with it. I was just jokin.

adam k. said...

Well, I have never thought of Keira as anorexic... some people are just naturally thin, and she seems like one of those people. Plus yeah, look at her thighs, they're huge (but they look muscular to me, as opposed to fat). She's nowhere in the realm of Renée or even Nicole Kidman as far as the apparent health of her frame, and sharpness of her jutting bones.

I don't particularly like her as an actress, though, so I get Nat's random snarkiness. It was just a harmless comment. I'm sure that rich, famous, oscar-nominated Keira is not too badly hurt.

And yay for defending Jude Law's package! It really wasn't even that small.

Emma said...

Asia Argento. If I were a lezza, I so would.

Glenn Dunks said...

"Who said she was fat?"

Umm... I said I was joking in the same post.

Beau said...

he's a bit too boyish for my tastes.

SamuraiFrog said...

"he's a bit too boyish for my tastes"

So is Keira Knightley.

Anonymous said...

nathaniel,i'm totally with you on this.
kirsten is a great actress,but sadly very underrated.
and i still can't beleive keira knightley got an oscar nomination for PP!!