Sunday, November 26, 2006

Best Actress Semi-Finalists & More...

How will I ever decide who gets nominated for the Film Bitch Awards this year, let alone wins? This'll be the seventh year and I tell you this truthfully: Doling out these prizes never gets any easier. In my world there's no done deals like Phillip Seymour Hoffman's Capote sweep or Charlize Theron's Monsterous statue hogging. It's always a heated battle for those gold medals.

(this is the first animated gif i've attempted to make so let it load. If it doesn't show this post may self-destruct!)

Stay Tuned... (have you settled on a shortlist for yourself or are you still debating their merits as well?)

And while you have talented ladies on the brain --head on over to this month's edition of "Supporting Actress Smackdown" I had to take a breather from the festivities for November, but Stinky, Nick, Tim and Newland are there to speak out on 1974's Oscar lineup.


adam k. said...

Yeah, this year's best actress FB awards will be brutal.

I assume Kiki Palmer will not be hard to weed out. And couldn't you just bump O'Hara to supporting? Isn't she campaigning that way anyway?

But still, Streep, Mirren, Winslet, Bening, Cruz, Dench, Dunst, Blanchett (twice)... how will you ever choose 5? Let alone 1? I'm very anxious to see how you manage it.

You've already been vocal about your love for the perfs of Streep, Winslet, Bening, and Cruz. I assume you will nominate Mirren, just as you nominated Hoffman last year. And we know you love Dunst (who is still looking for her first lead FB nod). Not sure how good Dench is, but I assume she's a real shortlist threat. And Blanchett is double-dipping.


Anonymous said...

Knowing that Nathaniel is to divas what the Academy is to gold- hearted hookers, I’d say Streep (and to a lesser extent Bening) are looking all set to earn their 2nd Film Bitch nominations. I’m also gonna say Mirren scores her second nod as well in hopes that her inevitable award sweeping will not dispel Mr. Film Bitch’s perception of her work.
From here on it get REALLY tricky.

Cruz? Gyllenhaal? Mole? Dunst? All these ladies appear to be next in line, and even though I admired Marie- Antoinette, I despise Kirsten. I’m crossing my finger’s Nat boots her from the final 5 but his love for the film (and Dunst) may get in the way of that. Hmmm… this will be interesting. But the race for the gold is gonna to be even more exciting. I’ll end with this:
(unfortunately) I don’t have access into Nathaniel’s brain, so I can’t measure the degree of love he hold’s for the latest brilliant creation by Ms. Winslet. But I can only beg of him to deeply consider her for a place among his lineup this year. No, Sarah Pierce is not her flashest turn… but it’s brilliant and somewhat unique. Remember her mesmerizing work during the Madame Bovary scene? Ahhh, brilliant.

FYC: Best Actress: Kate Winslet, LITTLE CHILDREN

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see Gong Li in The Curse of the Golden Flower and Judi Dench in Notes on a Scandel. This should be a fun year for the Best Actress shortlist..

Barry said...

I'm guessing that since you mentioned Judi Dench, you must have liked Notes on a Scandal.:)

Anonymous said...

Top 5 Most Angering FB (Actress) Snubs:

1. WATTS, 21 Grams
2. SPACEK, In the Bedroom
3. THERON, Monster
4. PORTMAN, Closer
5. BLANCHETT, Veronica Guerin

Okay, in terms of nominations, Nat tends to get it right. But no one is perfect and I can’t help my vexation at the snobbery toward the top three women mentioned above. Blanchett’s Guerin never really caught on so I’ll let that go. Portman should have made it (lead or supporting) but again, I’ll let it go. I truly believe Theron deserved a spot (not necessarily a win) in 03 and though it angers me I guess I can settle for her finalist mention.
Now, THE NEXT 2 LADIES SHOULD HAVE MADE IT!!!!! Spacek was genius and brilliantly subtle and I still scratch my head at why Nat left her out. I get and agree with the Wilkinson love but come one, this was a debut. Their moments with / and without each other were equally shattering!

And now we come to the one FB snub that still makes me see red; Naomi Watts and her incredibly visceral work in 21 Grams. I’m not going to ramble on and on about why she’s brilliant and how WRONG I think Nat was in how he judged her work (I have many times before), but what I will say is I think this is one of the few instances were he just got it wrong. It’s hard because Nat is someone who I think “gets it right most of time” and always sees so deep into things. I don’t know. But I guess I can forgive. I would still worship the ground he walks on. I can’t wait to see what this years lineup for Best Actress will be.


Adam --whaddya mean double dipping on Blanchett? she's not pictured.

Marcelo --i don't think Streep is a supporting character. I think it's a two female lead film (like Notes on a Scandal) the story being about their relationship --just like Brokeback was a two male lead film. I know it would make things easier but I don't cheat like the Academy --at least not as casually / frequently ;)

Ryan --Kate is still in the running... I want to see that film again and a few others.

anonymous --I do feel kinda bad about leaving Theron & Spacek off.

there are some years where there's just more than five deserving people and that's when it gets crazy difficult

adam k. said...

I think Streep could easily be placed in either category. As could, say, Whitaker in Last King of Scotland. Hathaway and McAvoy are the "true" leads of their films (it's through their perspective), and Streep and Whitaker are the second leads/"plot-moving villians"/big-giant-supporting-characters.

It's just sort of easier to put Streep in lead, cause
a) she OWNS the film
b) Hathaway is not a factor in the awards race
c) Blunt should have the supporting category for herself

But I get Nathaniel's perspective that it's a two-lead film and Streep is a lead, period. I just don't think it'd be fair to scream "category fraud" if she went supporting, cause it's kind of a matter of opinion. Unlike, say, Jamie Foxx in Collateral, who is the Anne Hathaway/James McAvoy of his movie.

And Nat, Blanchett is double-dipping with Notes and German, is she not? Is she actually supporting in Notes, as her studio claims? Or is she just not award-worthy in your view?

And you haven't seen Good German yet, of course.

And I assumed Kate was very much in the running for a nod and perhaps the gold... did I overestimate? I still haven't been able to see her film.

Barry said...

My 13 Best Actresses for my own personal awards (in no particular order):

KeKe Palmer- Akeelah and the Bee
Bahar Soomekh- Saw III
Julianne Moore- Freedomland
Ellen Page- Hard Candy
Natalie Portman- V for Vendetta
Sandra Bullock- The Lake House
Jennifer Aniston- The Break-Up
Brittany Snow- John Tucker Must Die
Sophia Myles- Tristan & Isolde
Bryce Dallas Howard- Lady in the Water
Meryl Streep- The Devil Wears Prada
Jennifer Aniston- Friends with Money
Catherine Keener- Friends with Money

Weird choices :) But I haven't seen a lot of the "good" movies out in theatres right now.


yeah Notes is definitely a two lead film. It's entirely about two women. It'd be like calling thelma or louise supporting.

but i understand that the studio is campaigning Blanchett for supporting... at least it's less fraudulent than the Jamie Foxx Collateral thing (although what isn't?) since Dench probably has a bit more screen time.

Blanchett (notes) and Kidman (fur) would be just outside these 12 women pictured... so yeah, they won't make it to nominations.

oh and I do love Winslet in LC but the reason a nom isn't certain is well just look at all these possibilities. Lotsa good stuff.

Lucas Dantas said...

Uhg... from your animated gif all I saw was Meryl. Seriously I need to move out of this country! I'll never see Akeelah on the theatres, nor Bettie Page... and I also doubt about FYC too.

But, from what I've seen so far and what I'm sure I'll see from now on and from what I think I'll really like: I'd put Meryl [of course!!], Penelope, Winslet and Kiki.

I got so obsessed about the 1st that I watched Prada 5x and if it's playing in the place I'll go for vacations I'll certainly watch again. All the others are performances I'm dying to see and due to what I've read all over I'll enjoy them as well.

Craig Hickman said...

Sissy Spacek's turn in "In the Bedroom" was about as ordinary a performance as I've ever seen that won the praise of so many critics. Any actress coulda played that role and been just as ordinary. In the clouded eyes of many, sentiment heightened Spacek's performance, no doubt.

Thankfully, she ran out of steam and Miss Pretty Pretty Halle took home the gold.

adam k. said...

I thought Spacek was worthy of a nom, just not a win. Still, she was better than Halle, who was rather uneven (though great at times) in Monster's Ball.

2001 was all about BFFs Kidman and Watts.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Halle victory was a major disappointment in a disappointing night (You've got Peter Jackson, Ridley Scott, David Lynch AND Robert Altman nominated. So how the hell do you decide that Ron Howard is the best?)

I'm curious if The Good German has a shot at sneaking Blanchett onto the finalist/semifinalist stage or if his annoyance at her obiquity will conspire to rule her out.

The performance that surprised me most this year? Probably the fantastic supporting ladies of Brick who are a real threat (Norah Zehetner, Megan Goode) to actually win from me outright

Craig Hickman said...

I found Halle's performance a revelation. And a good one at that.

I was thoroughly ecstatic when she won.

And I thought she deserved it. Besides, uneven performances, and I don't agree that hers was, win Oscars.

Surely others have won for less. (I can think of a certain young favorite who recently was awarded for a role no better than a supporting one and surely no more compelling than her co-star[s].)

Scott said...

I think that Streep and Mirren have to be on the list.

Is Gong Li really getting much attention this year? I haven't heard that much about her performance.

adam k. said...

Well I thought Reese WItherspoon was great, and more deserving than Halle.

Though I agree that others have won for less. I was actually really happy for her at the time, but in retrospect it was disappointing. But from the field that were nominated, it was a decent call, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I know that you won't give the gold to Helen Mirren, but please, don't make a mistake snubbing her. Her performance is genius. It's not fair to snub her just because she's a lock Oscar winner.
I hope to see Mirren, Streep, Cruz and any combination of: Gyllenhaal, Winslet, Dench and Li.

But there are still some movies to come, "Dreamgirls", for instance. It may change /almost/ everything.

Anonymous said...

It's hard for me to get worked about Halle's victory too much because my favourite performers weren't nominated (Charlotte Rampling, Naomi Watts, Tilda Swinton, Kerry Fox). I think Berry's performance is much better than the film it's in (which I consider one of the decade's worst).

adam k. said...

I'm not TOO worried about Mirren missing. It's not like Nat doesn't like her in general. He just doesn't like that she's looking like a lock for the win.

I'm expecting Streep, Mirren, Cruz, Dunst, Bening, and Winslet. Oh wait, that's six. No idea who he'll drop. That's why this is hard.

I just feel like Bening and Dunst will benefit from the combo of Nat loving them in general and their not getting proper appreciation by the masses (unlike, say, Dench).

Dunst may seem like a stretch, but Nat loves her and she's playing the titular lead in one of his favorite films this year. From where I'm sitting, it's kind of hard to see her miss.

douglas said...

know what guys?! i am more eager to see who wins in filmbitch than in the oscars... Nat has great taste...

Anonymous said...

i thought mol was just fabulous.

Glenn Dunks said...

I think Nat's list will be...

Cruz, Lee (not Li), Mirren, Streep and... ooh, that's a tough one. I think Nat's feelings about Scissors will disuade him from including Bening. I think it's gonna be Gretchen Mol actually for some strange reason. But, yeah, Kiki or Winslet would easily get in.

It's such a great year for actresses though. Unfort I haven't been able to see, like, any of these movies yet (other than Prada, the rest aren't out here yet and I haven't been able to get to the city to see Shortbus yet).

So far this year I've loved Streep and really really liked Laura Linney. Abbie Cornish was also very impressive.

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh, and also: Have you actually seen Inland Empire or is that sort've just a list of movies you're seeing shortly?

Because if you haven't then surely Laura Dern may place, but...

Anonymous said...

My list, pre-Dench (!) is:

1 Streep (Prada)
2 Mirren (The Queen)
3 Cruz (Volver)
4 Winslet (Little Children)
5 Binoche (Breaking & Entering)



"next up" is the next scheduled screenings.

below that is stuff i've seen.

Anonymous said...

I would lose a lot of respect for the reliably wonderful Nathaniel if he actually does place Helen Mirren in his top five list as it is quite clear from his comments (or lack of them) that he isn't as wild about her work as others, excellent though it is.
He certainly hasn't raved about her performance as he has about Streep, Bening, Winslet, Cruz, for example


what is it with people threatening to lose respect for me every year this time of year? ;)

it's like if the FB awards aren't absolutely 100% what you're expecting I've sold out!

I kid. but not completely. Trust me when I tell you i take this all very seriously, and I shall do my duty let the chips fall where they may... i.e. i'll never please everyone --it's hard enough to please myself --but I'm trying to be honest about what I think are the five best in any category which is why it's difficult.

Glenn Dunks said...

You're damned if you do, damned if you don't sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I'm already wrestling with my choices. It's not like last year, when my favorites (Devos, Kilcher, Knightley, Nielsen, and Watts) got in and I only had a couple minorly disappointing ommissions (Allen - for Yes, and Kudrow). As of now, my lineup would look like this:

- Penelope Cruz
- Kirsten Dunst
- Helen Mirren
- Meryl Streep
- Kate Winslet

And I'm already heartbroken that Dench (seriously, I haven't enjoyed her this much since Shakespeare in Love, though I thought she was excellent in Iris) and Lee (what a find!) are going to be left out. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself if another great performance comes along (Dern?). Sigh.

That said, I always love your awards. They generally inspire me to see something I might have missed before. For example, I skipped Spider-Man 2 in theatres, having been kinda bored by the first one. Loved it, though. Made it to my own Best Picture shortlist and I'll defend until my dying day my Best Actor nom for Tobey Maguire.

I do hope, though, that Bening is left out this year. While I thought she was quite good, it would seem a shame to include her at someone else's expense. Although, I thought the same thing about her turn in Being Julia, so that's art for you.

Anonymous said...

oh... that post just above was mine

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, that's why you have ties. Ties are wonderful.

Anyway, did you get a chance to re-evaluate Mirren/The Queen from a suitable distance?

Glenn Dunks said...

So where does Naomi Watts fit into the scheme of things now you've seen (and liked) The Painted Veil?

adam k. said...

Yeah, I'm surprised about Painted Veil. It looked pretty blah from the trailer.

redfgwtr said...

my list so far:

1.) penelope cruz "volver"
2.) kate winslet "little children"
3.) meryl streep "devil wears prada"
4.) helen mirren "the queen"
5.) naomi watts "the paitned veil"