Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vote For Me

With the real elections coming, why not start voting early? I'm nominated for the Verve Weblog Awards in the category of "Best Entertainment Blog" (thanks for your nominating votes. mwah) so go and vote for me! I'm in esteemed and friendly company so I'll be like Meryl Streep cheering Cher on (1987 Oscars, don'cha know) should I fail to take the big prize.

Film Experience buddies ModFab, The Gilded Moose, and popbytes are also up for awards.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Streep at awards, has anyone noticed she's like the happiest oscar loser on the planet? I'm thinking of 1995/96 in particular, where she looked so happy when Sarandon won.


i imagine when you have already won and your name isn't Hilary Skank, it's probably easy to be happy for others.

adam k. said...

Yeah, she generally loses to legends who've not yet won (MacLaine, Page, Cher, Sarandon). I'll forget about the times she lost to Foster for The Accused and Bates for Misery. But this year she'll probably be all happy again, cheering for Mirren, satisfied that she's now expanded her record for most noms and losses (14 and 12, respectively).

But when she DOES finally win again I bet you the first thing she says (in jest) when she gets up there is "well it's about time!"

BTW, I just saw Last King of Scotland and I thought it was amazing. James McAvoy is SO fucking hot and gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

"The Departed" deserves these Oscar Nominations:

Best Picture

Directing (Martin Scorsese)

Actor in a Leading Role (Leonardo Di Caprio)

Actor in a Supporting Role (Jack Nicholson)

Actor in a Supporting Role (Mark Whalberg)

Adapted Screenplay




[I'm Travis, lucky men]