Thursday, October 11, 2007

Krak Addict

I once saw a snarky magazine report about eternally C List celebrities (perhaps it was Details?) --my beloved Jane Krakowski was on it, curse their snark! I've never been one too shy away from expressing love for performers who deserve it, be they A list or Z list: who cares. So I must reiterate: Jane Krakowski rocks.

From her memorable supporting work on Ally McBeal, to that deserved TONY win for her erotic phone call to Antonio Banderas in Broadway's Nine (Penélope Cruz is in talks to take over that role in the film version) to her hilarious work in 30 Rock --this gifted comedienne deserves more mass love. In the last episode of 30 Rock she sold a pitch perfect Broadway baby self parody in Mystic Pizza the Musical as well as unselfconscious fatsuit gags and dumb blonde optical illusion demonstrations. She kraks me up.

30 Rock won the Emmy last month but where was the love for Jane? Not even a nomination. Even when the Emmys get something right they make it wrong. argh

UPDATED TO ADD: Happy 39th Birthday Jane!


J.D. said...

I know! She does! Why didn't she? I mean, come on! She deserved it! She deserves something! GAWWD!

Dame James said...

I heart her on "30 Rock"...she was so brilliant on the "Rural Juror" episode!

Anonymous said...

"How Sex and the City are we right now? I'm Samantha, you're Charlotte, and you're the lady at home who watches it."

Jane fucking rocks.

Anonymous said...

"Everyone knows the most delicious part of a muffin is the top."

"First, I was great in that Arli$$. Second of all, if the president is so serious about the war on terror, why doesn't he hunt down and capture Barack Obama before he strikes again? It's time for a change, America! That's why I'm voting for Osama in 2008! Oh, no comeback? You're burnt!"

Anonymous said...

I also saw her on stage in the London production of Guys and Dolls with Ewan McGregor. She was fantastic!