Wednesday, November 07, 2007

20:07 (Stanley, The Uncouth)

screenshots from the 20th minute and 7th second of a movie
I can't guarantee the same results at home (different players/timing) I use a VLC

Stanley: Now will you just open your eyes to this stuff here. What -- she got this out of teachers pay? Will you look at these fine feathers and furs that she comes to preen herself with in here? What is this article? That’s a solid gold dress I believe.

Stella: Oh honestly

Stanley: And this one here and what –what is this a fine piece of genuine fur fox a half a mile long? Where are your fox pieces?
That Stanley. He sure doesn't like to get swindled.

He's OK with the sweating and the ogling, though. Feel free to stare.


Anonymous said...

what a f***ing stud

Anonymous said...

I second that.

Glenn Dunks said...

God he's sexy.

Anonymous said...

I DO believe I wouldn't have minded being swindled . . . at least once . . . by Stanley.

Anonymous said...

Jesus christ, what a fucking sexy-as-hell performance. And can we get an AMEN for Kim Hunter?

Mapeel said...

I was once an American accent coach for a community theater group in Southampton, England. Their Stanley ripped off his performance completely from the master (and had the assets to do it well . . . )

Anonymous said...

I'm fine with the sweating and the ogling too..ummm, where was I? oh.