Saturday, November 24, 2007

While You Were Digesting

Even though Thanksgiving is over, I love the holiday banner so much that I'm leaving it up until Monday. It wasn't easy to find pictures of classy movie stars eating --pictures of useless celebrities (i.e. famous because they're famous. zzz) were plentiful. After the fact I spotted this Shia LaBeouf photo which made me laugh. Bananas are a comedy staple for a reason, y'all. Shia would've ruined the all fab actress lineup anyhow.

Meanwhile Pt. 1
I have never come up with a good reason to post this off the cuff Ledger & Bale lunch (?) shot either --no food enters their mouths so Thanksgiving banner participation was out-- I assume it's from the set of The Dark Knight (or thereabouts) so while I'm purging, here it is:

Meanwhile Pt 2
I spent way too much time this week watching and rewatching the first two episodes of Project Runway (season 4). Such is the danger of DVRs and everybody you know on their own TV watching timetables. Guests kept arriving who hadn't yet watched it and wanted to. ModFab snarkily and insightfully dubbed the record breaking debut episode "now with 750% more gay" And that was even before the second episode when Sarah Jessica Parker showed up and wreaked absolute homo havoc on the contestants: They gasped. Their eyes went buggy. They shreaked. They couldn't form sentences. They cried (no really). I feel butch when I watch that show... which is saying a lot.

Anne Thompson reminds that you have to ignore favorites when making Oscar predictions --is No Country leaving Oscar voters cold? Speaking of...
Rob's Dad reacts to No Country for Old Men. Hmmm
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Film Squish If you're like me, you're finding it impossible to keep up with all the blog-a-thons. Now in a quiet week, it might be the time to read this recent Akira Kurosawa love-in
Deadline Hollywood Six episodes of Speechess so far (starring Holly Hunter, Sean Penn, the cast of Ugly Betty and more)... in support of the writers strike.

And speaking of strikes: If you're in NYC any time soon looking for a show, please note that Xanadu is not affected by the current Broadway stagehands strike and who knows when that's ending. The adaptation of the notorious turkey is worth seeing even if it weren't one of the only shows playing. It's quite funny and the ELO/Olivia music is still excellent 27 years later. Because one can never get enough Cheyenne Jackson (the show's male lead) and because I can't get enough Xanadu here's an interview captured by Two Gay Guys over at After Elton

Online Videos by

mmmm Cheyenne


adam k. said...

Oh god, PR this year is like 2000% more gay. Is there even ONE straight man on the show this year? Even a single one? I honestly can't think of one off the top of my head. And all the gay ones aren't just gay, they're Super Gay. And most of the women are basically honorary gay men, too. I mean, "Sweet Pea"? Sweet Jesus.

I don't know how I feel about the fact that I get so much pleasure out of laughing at the gays. When SJP came on, things just got ridiculous. She didn't even have to do anything. She just had to stand there and revel in her mystical homo icon power, and they all went nuts. And she clearly KNOWS all to well how much power she yields. I can't tell though whether she enjoys it or whether it freaks her out.

I love Rami, though. He's totally sexy and talented and (as far as I can tell) gay.

adam k. said...

yields = wields

to = too


it doesn't freak her out. She stated in an advocate interview many many moons ago (circa 1995) that it was her goal in life to become a gay icon like bette midler or babs.

mission accomplished, no?

adam k. said...

Yeah seriously. This must've been a dream come true then. But I'd be surprised if she still weren't a little bit freaked out by how well she did with it. It freaks me out just watching it. Yikes.

Curtis said...
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Curtis said...

Love, love that pic of Bale and Ledger!! I would have my thanksgiving dinner with the two. :)

Anonymous said...

While everyone been stuffing turkeys, i've been watching reruns of the BBC mini series 'State of Play' with Bill Nighy,Paul and James McAvoy. Oh my word, what an incredible series!

Seriously, you must go watch. One of the BBC's finest productions.


Anonymous said...

well, i've been wondering what has happened to Heath Ledger's BBM looks. I just spent the afternoon watching yummy Burt Lancaster in his O-winning role "Elmer Gantry" and have also been wondering why Shirley Jones took home an Oscar for that....I guess cause she played a sassy hooker. What would I ever do w/out TCM???? From here to eternity is on....gotta dash.

theoriginalchrisaugust said...

If y'all aren't getting your fix of the American version of Project Runway, I highly encourage you to head to youtube and check out the Canadian version. Yup, our neighbors to the north are seven episodes into their first season of the show, and it's extremely entertaining (and hosted by Iman, whom I prefer to Heidi Klum...). Someone has been wonderful enough to put up the episodes in their entirety on there. Happy watching!

David Dust said...

Honey, you throw Carrie Bradshaw in a room filled with fasion fags and hags (oh, and one "straight" guy) - and ALL HELL breaks loose!

Glenn Dunks said...

I would imagine that Ledger/Bale image is from a publicity event for I'm Not There. We don't tend to see many images from movie sets like that one.


yes, right. there are "reserved" signs on the table. ;)

Glenn Dunks said...

Also, that picture is Shia is just teasing me. He must've known I fuss over pictures of him and then he goes and acts all suggestive with a banana. grrr...

Anonymous said...

Kevin's straight. He proclaimed it proudly in the season premiere and made a point about how much of an anamoly a straight guy is in the fasion business.

This season is hella gay, but that makes it all the more great television. And the Sarah Jessica Parker episode -- wow, I lost my shit too when she was introduced as the fashion icon just like the designers did.

Anonymous said...

I'm disaapointed because I expected Cheyenne to sound less gay. I mean, if he wants a career in the movies and be play straight parts convincingly, he has to lay off the gayness. Seriously, what happened to gay guys in the last ten years ? The majorit of gay actors LOOK, TALK and ACT gay ! Then they moan about not getting straight parts. I mean, Rock Hudson, Jean Marais, John Gieguld did not have trouble playing straight.
It's a further proof that gay culture is a mixed bag, yes it's great to embrace who you are, but come on... why do they all have to fit the stereotypes ?


i'm of the opinion that knowledge of their sexuality is coloring your perception of how gay he acts... which is of course the entire issue that people bring up: if people know can they look beyond it. And some people, as you're demonstrating here, can't.

But I think that's true of a lot of things about actors and their personal lives. Someday some gay actor who is out will become a movie star and then people won't fuss about it so much but until someone as talented and charismatic as Cheyenne is given the right role at the right time (and all the weird circumstances required for star-making) we'll have to wait.

His next role is a straight one (in the television show discussed in the interview) we'll see. Rupert Everett has very successfully played womanizing men and he's out so all it requires is skill and a receptive audience.

Glenn Dunks said...

Umm... Rock Hudson was hiding the fact that he was gay. And it was the 1950s.