Monday, November 12, 2007

A Link Under the Influence

Harpers lengthy piece on Michael Haneke (Caché, Funny Games)
'A World Without Writers' hilarious YouTube piece re: the writers strike
JJ writes a letter to Sidney Lumet (on Before the Devil Knows You're Dead)
Evening Class There Will Be Blood @ the Castro
Film Brain returns to Diva (1982) on its 25th Anniversary
Peter Debruge "Dare You Not to Laugh" on No Country For Old Men

Navel Gazing: Lately I've been feeling way off my game (not just as a blogging writer). Which reminds me of this awesomely true cartoon by Hugh @ gaping void: cartoons on the back of business cards one of my favorite visual blogs...

I realize most big movie blogs aspire to nothing more than regurgitating press releases and sharing an opinion or three about what'shotrightnow but I'm always striving for more: original content, a mix of serious and silly, interesting angles, classics & current, participatory goodness, etc. It's a hella lot of work and sometimes it gets me down. Particularly when traffic is down or I feel like I'm not at my best [/whining] [/exhaustion] [/self pity]

I'm not sure what this means for the future, whether the 2007/2008 oscar season will be my last or whether this is a mere bump in my road or whether I'll add regular writers who aren't named Nathaniel R, or whether I'll just have to cut back. I'm just having a spot of trouble with the universal work/life balance problem. Send me notes of encouragement [/Nathaniel's inner child needs hugging]


adam k. said...

: (

Feel better.

I've been down tonight, too.

John T said...

Feel better Nathaniel.

And just as an FYI, I have been in love with the recent Naked Gold Man posts, (and I say this as someone who has been visiting this site for nearly a decade now)-it's always fun to explore Oscar from different angles.

J.D. said...

Don't worry, Nathaniel's inner child. Contemporary Nathaniel is just in a bit of a rut now, but don't worry, he'll get out of it. You'll see. [hug] Feel better? [sniffles; nods] Okay. :) Let's go get an ice cream cone. [yay!]

Sam Brooks said...

I'm so in love with this blog. It's one of the few sites that I frequent every day and totally brightens up my day. It even inspired me to start my own blog!

Abbie said...

Your website is set as my homepage right now. That is how much I love this site.

RC said...

totally understand...especially in terms of original content.

or even so, i want people to think about what they read, and want to read what i'm writing...

and it is pressure and stats are only annoying because they don't really say anything.

and then of course comments are encouraging and you're wondering "are people really reading this???"

i've very much enjoyed your recent oscar columns.

Marius said...

Nathaniel, I hope you feel better soon. In my humble opinion, your blog is quite unique in a lot of ways. Not only do you offer a great perspective on all things cinema, you've also created a special place in the blogosphere for gay (and gay friendly) bloggers (and readers) to express their views. This blog is more than just a movie blog. You help us discover films and other forms of cultural expression that define who we are as a group. The discussions on this blog are informative and intellectually stimulating.

So, traffic may be down from time to time, but you will always have the respect and admiration of your loyal readers. You rock!

Anonymous said...

*Big bear hug* !!! :O)

mB said...

I'll add my encouragement: if you've felt out of your game, I've yet to feel it reading your always witty, fun and insightful posts on everything from La Pfeiffer to that Naked Gold Man.
Q: What do movie blogs aspire to?
A: Being more like The Film Experience: believe me ;)

Pfangirl said...

Hey Nat, not sure if this counts as encouragement but just to let you know you're not alone in your feelings... about blogging, creativity, inspiration, all of it.

Even if I don't comment enough, know that I'm a devoted daily reader.

There's been a lot of excellent goodies here lately (that movie religion post especially), and now you point out such a sad-but-true cartoon ;)

Thank you.

VW said...

Nathaniel - as a self-confessed slacker blogger lately - I understand your frustration with time etc, though my blog has never risen to the incredible level of your blog. Your blog, in fact, was one of the first I discovered when I began blogging. You would be missed - don't leave! Maybe group blogging is the way to go.

As for the cartoon - ain't Hugh M. of g-void great! I am a fellow fan of the man's cartoons. He inspired a recent post of mine as well.

Take care, Anna.

Burbanked said...

I'm with the others in feeling the pain, too, Nathaniel - it's hard to keep up the energy and creativity over the long term, but you do a much, much better job than most others in accomplishing this. Your longevity alone puts you into an entirely different class than other sites.

I would far rather read a quality yet less-frequent article of yours than a more regular posting that feels as though you're just tapping it out.

Take your time, find the creative jag and write when you can. Readers appreciate the quality.

Anonymous said...


Do feel better, you provide those who care about film (and filmmakers, too) an invaluable perspective not found anywhere else. We'd hate to lose that. Do what you gotta do but be well. All the best!

Anonymous said...

personally, following this years Oscar race i'm finding so wearisome. So i rate yout highly for not going mad on coverage like other film bloggers do.

It sounds like you're bored (no motivation) so why not revamp and shake things up a little since if you're in a creative rut?

Anonymous said...

*Hugs Nathaniel's inner child*

Life wouldn't be the same without The Film Experience!

Anonymous said...

no no my oscar life support will be switched off i ould luv the doing the oscrs job but would have no clue how to allecviate your workload,maybe your having a bad day,i have just discovered my ex on facebook who is slimmer and may want to get back together- which is a no no seeing how my heart was in a million pieces when he left plus my sis's b/f could be a serial stalker he just got back from iraq and is a shattered soul.

chin right up nat,we actressphiles need you ok.

pours nat hot cup of coffee and offers chicken soup/

Anonymous said...

This has been my favorite movie blog for a while now. Everybody feels like they plateau after a while. Don't leave! [hugs Nathaniel's inner child]

Alex said...

[hugs Nathaniel's inner child]

You do so much for all of us. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites, I rely on it for the movie/Oscar coverage that I need! Even though your fair-weather readers come and go, your loyal readers will always be here to stay. We love what you do, don't ever forget that.

Feel better soon, you deserve happiness!

Anonymous said...

Would the boyfriend mind if i give the inner child a kiss too?

Yaseen Ali said...

Ditto to all of the above and more - The Film Experience is one of a kind, and I can't imagine it not being around.

Oscar season is nothing without you, Nathaniel. Cut back if you must, but promise me never to leave the blogging world. PROMISE.

adam k. said...

Agreed on all of the above.

You do realize that there are like dozens of little baby bloggers like myself who all spawned off of you and consider you THE blog for movies and oscars and gay things, and who need you as a sort of big home base thing? Maybe that just adds more pressure, which was not the intent, but just know that you really are a unique and valued presence on the web. Film talk and oscar coverage just aren't as fun or interesting on other sites.

But I get what you're saying about the oscar race feeling "blah" this year. Maybe I'm feeling that way cause I'm busier than I've been in a while, and am immersed in other, more personal things. Ironically, now that I'm in film school, I never have time (or money) to see/discuss contemporary movies. EVER. Waiting patiently for Christmas break...

Anyway, back to you. Group blogging is probably a good idea. I've noticed a lot of my favorite blogs transitioning into that format lately. Just promise you won't quit the charts. Those are the best. And I do love all (well, most) of the little spinoff features you've been creating. It's nice that it's not just oscars, or even just movies.

But seriously. You're #1 in a lot of people's hearts. On their favorites lists. Their home page. Their internet crack. Myself included. It wouldn't be the same without you.

Keep on truckin'.


everyone thanks for the kind words! you can take my word for it that it's heartening to read them

Anonymous said...

it's a lot of effort on your part I'm sure, but it sure is much appreciated. I personally love reading your blog specifically for the original content, which greatly varies from the narratives that circulate on more 'serious' sites. Keep it up

Anonymous said...

pfeiffer on the west end ?
are you there nat
say something !

Anonymous said...

C'mon now. *Hug* Is that better? I read your blog every day, and its witty mix of hollywood exaltation/criticism is perfect for me. Your writing is well researched, clever, playful, intelligent and always accessible. To lose your blog would leave a hole in my daily online routine.

Anonymous said...

Nat, I can't say it better than all of the above already have (and forgive me for not posting sooner - too much work life, too little internet and writing time - I feel your pain, seriously.)

Your blog is the only one that I visit daily. Do what you must to lighten your load, but please don't disappear.


Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

All I can say is that I was so glad to stumble across your blog due to the Action Heroine blog-a-thon. It is obviously a lot of work, but it is appreciated.