Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Top Ten Tantrum

I'm not playing today. You can't make me! 10 things I'm doing instead of writing the top ten...

01 Giggling to myself about Beowulf
02 Eating an apple
03 Wishing someone could do "performance capture" on me. If Ray Winstone can go from this... (left) to this (right) why can't I? Where is Robert Zemeckis when I need him.

04 Cancelling my DVR subscriptions to Bionic Woman and Heroes
05 Bitching to the Boyfriend about how dramatically inert Heroes is and how much it continually promises not to be. Hate it

<--- 06 Petting the kitty
07 Staring at a bill I don't want to open
08 Laughing at Jennifer Coolidge on Nip/Tuck
09 Knowing that I really have to do laundry tomorrow
10 Wishing it were Wednesday so I could be watching Pushing Daisies

Just cuz I won't play Tues Top Ten doesn't mean you can't. Share whatever top ten you'd like in the comments. Or maybe the top ten lists you'd most like to see... What ten things are you doing right now?


Michael Parsons said...

The top ten ugly sexy people. Or perhaps the ten best performances in HORRIFIC movies.

Brian Darr said...

Ten great ideas that help to separate this blog from all comers in the order they come to my mind:

1. Taking the foreign film Oscar race way more seriously than anyone else
2. The film bitch awards with all their obsessive categories.
3. 20:07
4. Care put into eye-catching, creative images such as the golden actors in the Little Gold Man series
5. Sharing the love with other bloggers via links, interviews, etc.
6. A better stable of guest bloggers than anywhere I can think of
7. Being up-front about actorly biases, and being able to joke about these biases
8. Hosting and participating in more blog-a-thons than perhaps any other single blogger.
9. Keeping your Oscar predictions human, unboring, and relatively resistant to lazy groupthink.
10. Just the right mix of humility and (deserved) pride.

Anonymous said...

Top ten things I'm looking forward to in the TV/movie world for the upcoming months:

1. return of BSG and finding out how the hell Starbuck got to earth!!!
2. Razor
3. return of the Bagger!
4. Cate Blanchett in Golden Age (and then winning an Oscar)
5. Atonement
6. future "Naked Gold Man" blogs
7. 3:10 to Yuma
8. El Orfanato
9. the Oscars!!! (which I might actually get to watch this time around)
10. a fair end to the writer's strike (so we don't have too long a break in our favourite series! i.e. BSG)

Anonymous said...


have you heard about THE rumour ?
Michelle Pfeiffer is supposedly in talks with producers to star in a West End play !
God, I wish I lived in London. Pfeiffer on stage in 2008, Jude Law as Hamlet in 2009.. But then, Broadway had La Moore

Anonymous said...

"petting the kitty" is always on my list. then putting on "Moonstruck" and giving myself a pumpkin mousse facial....doesn't get much better than that. Do ya love him Loretta?


mika --i haven't heard the rumor but it does surprise me. Pfeiffer hasn't had a good experience on stage. interesting...

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat, off topic but I think it is important ...Om Shanti Om, a bollywood movie opened this week at #11 with $1.76 million in the U.S. ..it is the biggest opening for a bollywood movie yet. I would like you to probably look at the steady proliferation of bollywood movies in the US and their steady increasing in collections over the years.

Sam said...

10 things I'm doing right now.

1. Neglecting work to read Film Experience.
2. Neglecting work to leave this rather lame comment.
3. Neglecting work to update my own blog.
4. Giving thanks that I work in an office and not a cube so no one can see how much I neglect work.
5. Writing a check to my therapist.
6. Making a grocery list for thanksgiving.
7. Neglecting work to email all my friends about Jim Neal for Senate, even though I don't live in NC.
8. Updating my resume.
9. Deleting my resume. Where else can I goof off so much?
10. Planning my next nap.

Anonymous said...

My Top 10 Films of the Decade So Far

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2. Wonder Boys
3. City of God
4. Sideways
5. The Pianist
6. Children of Men
7. No Country for Old Men
8. Pan's Labyrinth
9. Gosford Park
10. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, it's funny that you were thinking about Beowulf today, 'cause I was doing the same thing. Only I was pondering the use of 3-D in the film, and how it seems a little gratuitous:


SL Blogs said...

Just curious, how many out there are planning to see Beowulf in 3D. IMAX 3D announced today that they signed a deal with Dreamworks for 3D movies starting next summer. Did anyone catch Nightmare Before Christmas during it's 3D run? Does anyone think this is really going to catch on?


I saw BEOWULF in 3d last night and that was totally enough spectacle for me even without imax. I personally think 3D is a hoot. I loved it in Monster House too.

but yeah Beowulf is totally gratuitous with the age old throw things at the screen 3D effects... but then it's gratuitous in so many ways that that hardly bothered me much.

Anonymous said...

10 Reasons I love “The Film Experience”

1. Film Bitch Awards w/ commentary
2. Lists (always fascinating)
3. Oscar Watch (particularly “How’d they get nominated”)
4. Golden Globe analysis / post-show commentary
5. Taste (always quality but not afraid to embrace mainstream when he really likes it)
6. Witty writing style
7. Random blog comments that make me LOL (ex. “Angels & Devils”)
8. “Actors of the Aughts” (still miffed Naomi and Jake didn’t make the top 10 ☺)
9. Cropped film posters / pics
10. My counting of the days until it’s time for Nat’s Top 10 of the Decade (I’m such a dork☺)

Anonymous said...

What's the problem with "Beowulf"?

Ben said...

Can I just say that I pretty much agree with your Top 10? It was uncanny.

And I was so confused about Ray Winstone in that movie... I'm not the most familiar with him and I IMDb'd him and was just... he's not that ripped or hot! What gives? Ah the magic of computer animation.

And I'm seriously this close to cancelling Heroes. And if TV shows could be hugged, Pushing Daisies would get one. I've never looked forward to a show so much on TV. :-D

Mad Percolator said...

Dude, it's TOTALLY CGI Ray Winstone. If you check the imdb.com photo gallery, there's a still from the same scene, and he has this perfectly circular animanipple. Gentle wispings of airbrush and effects evident throughout.
I've been doing double takes every time I see an ad for Beowulf, b/c I've been a big Ray Winstone fan a goodly amt of time, and he's generally a pudgy gangster...

Anonymous said...

Top ten performances by real life couples- e.g. Gable-Lombard, Tracy-Hepburn, Cruise-Kidman (I jest)... You get the idea

Kurtis O said...

Top Ten Films I've seen so far this year:
10. Once
09. The Bourne Ultimatum
08. Knocked Up
07. Planet Terror
06. American Gangster
05. Black Snake Moan
04. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
03. Away From Her
02. Michael Clayton
01. Zodiac

Glenn Dunks said...

I'm not sure how many Australian cinemas are equipped with 3D abilities. Ugh.