Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Kissing Isabelle Huppert

Don't you think that all screen kisses involving Isabelle Huppert should begin with both actors getting utterly filthy?

Then again, perhaps they already do...
"human drama is inevitable. suffering cannot be diminished."
"existence is a cruel joke that entices in a form of desire."
"there are unique moments when two people share the deep sorrow of existence."
"do not defile it with cliché. it is unnameable."
-Caterine Vaubanisms
I Heart Huckabees just happens to literalizes it.

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Kurtis O said...

This is one of my absolute favorite comedies. It's just so perfectly ridiculous. I love how when they have sex in this scene you can totally tell that Schwartzman is still wearing his boxers.