Thursday, November 01, 2007

Boy, Have We Got A Remake For You

I thought I might use this grand stage of Film Experience to zag a little from my normal rantings and talk about a remake I would actually like to see. If you’ve ever been to Lazy Eye Theatre, you know that I’m not a fan of the remake. In fact, I think I’ve alienated close friends and some family members talking about this subject ad nauseam. Don’t believe me? Check here, here, here and here.

There, now if you're still with me and don't consider me too much a blow-hard I would like to talk about a movie worth remaking. And that movie is Westworld. I watched it again recently and thought that it would make a worthy candidate. Not that it’s a bad movie mind you but it could use some nip and tuck work. I think that the original storyline is rich for exploration and I feel Crichton only scratched the surface with his original movie. I would love a new story that explores the characters a bit further and the inner-workings of the adult amusement park as well. Plus with the technology today, the robots would be fantastic.

And I'll take this crazy train I'm on one step further and say that I also think that the Westworld remake would be a great beginning of a fantastic trilogy. If you remember from the original movie, the adult amusement park is actually divided into three worlds. There's Westworld, Medievalworld and Romanworld. Just imagine one movie dedicated to each world. And each movie covers the same incident, but tells it through different characters. I'm getting all goose-pimply thinking about it already.

So here's the good news. It seems Hollywood is already on it. At least with the Westworld remake. It's due to be released in 2009 with the director Tarsem Singh (The Cell) attached. The trilogy idea is mine and I'm currently copyrighting it so I stand to make millions if Hollywood decides to jump on it. And I'm sure after they read this, they will.


Anonymous said...

Well, if Tarsem is involved, at least you know it will look gorgeous. Though overall I found The Cell incredibly disappointing. Let's hope the script is good.

Westworld was one of the films I grew up with, and I certainly agree it could have gone into the concept with more depth. While it is a classic, I wouldn't place in it the pantheon of films which should not be touched.

Deborah said...

I saw Westworld about a year ago and I had the exact same thoughts.

Glenn Dunks said...

They've been talking about a Westworld remake for at least five years.

Tarsem is an interesting choice, but I lurve The Cell, so...

PIPER said...


Yeah there was early word that Schwarzenegger was going to be involved. Not in the cowboy role but as one of the guests. The writers of T3 were going to pen the script. I'm glad that all fell through because it would have turned into a stupid action movie and it shouldn't be that.