Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Links: Inspiration, Hot Men and Rockin' Ts

Cinephilia finds Ratatouille's passion for creation inspiring
<-- Nick Davis is also having holy encounters (Laura Linney!)

ModFab 'a slice of gorgeous' (from 1939)
Peter Nellhaus looks at Teeth
Deep Focus educates us on Aspect Ratios. I needed this quick lesson. My preference is the rectangle over the square (I hate pan & scan and even justifiably square films from before cinemascope occassionally bug me: I'm imagining there's something beyond the frame that's hidden from me even though I'm aware this isn't really the case)
Mr Fanboy does some equal opportunity drooling for the girls and gay guys with '10 Hottest Male Super Villains (I had no idea that Gambit had gone to the dark side. I'm so out fo the comic loop)
My New Plaid Pants 'do, dump or marry?' with the Southland Tales boyz

Buy me things! Someone someone someone in LA buy me some o' these hilarious auteur rock t-shirts from CineFile on Santa Monica Blvd. I wear a medium. Why they don't sell these precious threads online I'll never know.


Anonymous said...

I got a chance to see Laura Linney speak on the Northwestern campus while she was in Chicago recently. She was talking to a mostly theater dept crowd about mostly acting, with even a brief anecdote about "Congo" that she brought up without anyone being rude enough to ask about. And aside from being a really intelligent, funny, and articulate public speaker, the woman is seriously gorgeous. She looks so much younger in person.

John P. said...

Oh man. I need one of those t-shirts.

Maybe the Coens could get a JC/EC design?

Fanboy said...

Thanks for the shout out, or what ever the cool kids are calling it these days.