Friday, November 30, 2007

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Oscar Watching
In Hollywood's effort to jam all awards season contenders into December --annoying the hell out of me and other year round moviegoers -- Julian Schnabel's artful disability weepie The Diving Bell and Butterfly (my review) and Tamara Jenkins comedic nursing home weepie The Savages have finally opened on both coasts. Either one could catch on with wider audiences if they catch on with Academy voters. They might -- and for similar reasons, too. Both expertly portray moving familial bonds with the aid of brilliant actors. At this point we need to crown Laura Linney as the best "sister act" in all the cinema, don'cha think? Max Von Sydow's confused father in Diving Bell is a major highlight of the other film.  Cross your fingers for both actors to make it to the endless red carpets this winter.

psssst. I also interviewed Max Von Sydow today. He was gracious, friendly, well spo
ken and I'll try to have the interview up real soon.

Also opening:
Awake -Jessica Alba freaks out because Hayden Christensen might die on the operating table. Please let it be so! ...what was that... It's only a movie!? damn, never mind
Aaja Nachle -a new Bollywood film starring Madhuri Dixit
Chronicle of an Escape Rodrigo de la Serna (Motorcycle Diaries) stars in this film about an Argentinian kidnapping.
The Protagonist -a documentary with Greek drama overlay. Looks interesting.
The Rocket an ice hockey biography

Most importantly:
His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass sneaks on nearly 900 screens tomorrow. Eeep. The Boyfriend decided yesterday whilst rereading the great book this is based on that my cat Montgomery is actually my daemon, since we are both wildly moody and often [cue twilight zone music] in the exact same mood. But get this... when I went to the official website and asked to meet my daemon they tell me her name is Melania and she's ... a mouse ??? 

Monty will not be pleased and "Melania" probably won't survive for too long in his apartment. (Then again the website also tells me I'm "spontaneous, modest, outgoing, competitive and inquisitive" and  well, interactive games aren't perfect. I suppose 3 1/2 out of 5 isn't so bad as character trait guesswork goes...)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up about the sneak of Golden Compass - bought my ticket!

Anonymous said...

All I know is the Author of the Book, need to STFU. He bashes Chronicles of Narnia (recently) and praises J.K Rowling ( he's a huge Harry Potter fan). It just makes him look like an ass his series isn't all that great ( Yes, I read them). Anyway I heard THe Golden Compass is So-so. Not surprised.


that's weird that he's a HARRY POTTER fan because he writes circles around Rowling.

Anonymous said...

Not IMO. I prefer Harry Potter ( I'm not even a big fan of them)over his series. His character's are very bland, but yes he is a Harry Potter fan.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read Harry Potter, but I do think Pullman's trilogy is overrated. The Golden Compass was great, The Subtle Knife was okay and The Amber Spyglass was a complete and utter mess. Pullman started off great, but got lost and confused. It seemed like he didn't know where to go with the story.

I just hope this isn't another disaster for Nicole Kidman.

How does Jessica Alba get roles? I hate Hollywood.

J.D. said...

My daemon is Meida, and she's a raven. She's cool.

And I'm really starting to anticipate The Savages. But of course, it's in only, like, 5 theatres. Of course. Who the f**k cares about Awake? Jesus!

Jason Adams said...

I got a Raven for my daemon as well, but I forgot to save the info or post on it so I don't remember her name. Like all animals in my life, she's gone ignored. She's probably starved to death in some cold, dank corner by now. I think the boyfriend's right that it's best I don't get a dog. I can't even take care of my fake animal spirit! :(

Colin Low said...

tera: That's sad news, because I finished The Golden Compass a week ago and it was one of the most beautiful things I've read. Quite unfortunate that the next two aren't as good.


i'd agree that the last book is messy but his ideas are so fascinating and he's such a strong writer. I really liked all three and I love the character development. Mrs. Coulter in particular gets more and more fascinating as the series goes I think

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Coulter is one complex villain as you'll find out reading the books.

BTW, seeing The Golden Compass tomorrow.

Brian Darr said...

PROTAGONIST is terrific. I know you're not a documentary fiend, and this one is not heading to the Oscars, but I bet you'd really get into it.

Pfangirl said...

I still can't believe I landed Pelloneus the Spider as my daemon.