Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Planet

<--- Joan Crawford by Adam Osgood

My eyes often go wide or I find myself giggling when I read Planet Fabulon so I agreed to be their guest host(ess) for June. --they use a guest blogger on the 15th of each month to give them a break. What a choice idea. Maybe I should follow suit. So... Nathaniel infused posting went on there all yesterday. It's me only within the parameters of their favorite things: fashion, divas, beauty, beefcake, hair, kitsch...

Take a look. Lots of silliness.


Janice said...

Love the Olivia love, Nathaniel! That's the first time I've actually seen the video for that single (those guys she is dancing with look pretty gay to me, and I'm impressed by the moves she's making in those 3" heels.) Totally Hot was the first "grown-up" album I ever received (Christmas, 1978, when I was 11) and it amazes me now that I didn't appreciate it as a minor pop masterpiece (the title track, Deeper than the Night, etc) for several years. (I received a Barry Manilow Greatest Hits album that same Christmas - and - *gulp* at first I actually preferred it to Totally Hot. What can I say? I was only 11!)

Thombeau said...

Nathaniel, you did the most fabulous job imaginable! Thanks! XOXOXOXOXOX