Monday, June 16, 2008

You're So Vain. You Probably Think These Links Are About You

Jim Hill remembers effects man Stan Winston (RIP)
<--- MSN asks both Michelle Pfeiffer & Julianne Moore to eat donuts. It always freaks me out when I see my two ruling movie goddesses pictured together, in articles not written by... myself.
MNPP Guillermo Del Toro woos his already drooling fanboy legions with this "quote of the day"
Zombie Daily Rob Sacchetto draws a new zombie every day!
Accidental Sexiness Pedro, Penelope, and Blanca Portillo hit Madrid to promote Broken Embraces
Topless Robot Barbie as Tippi Hedren in The Birds? I LOVE IT.
Cinephilia the quotable Arden has unkind words for DDL in There Will Be Blood
Twitch Tony Jaa is finally on his way back to cinemas (what has he been doing?)
Bright Lights After Dark raves out on the career of Vera Farmiga. Maybe I should stick in this Never Forever DVD I have sitting here
Evening Class on TCM's "Asian Images in Film" series
The Guardian There's always someone. A defense of The Happening. Although when a defense starts with "it's not that bad" hasn't the debate already been lost?
Star East Hugh Grant and Zhang Ziyi to co-star in a romantic comedy

And just in case you think I forgot about my love for them, I haven't. Here's a photo of The Bening, her sister in law Shirley Maclaine, her hubbie (and Shirley's kid brother) Warren Beatty who were all at the AFI tribute to [drum roll please].... WARREN BEATTY Congratulations your awesomeness! I love you.

If you haven't seen and worshipped his contributions to the cinema such as Reds, Shampoo, Bugsy, Bulworth, Bonnie & Clyde and Splendor in the Grass among others, than frankly, your loss. Get on that, will you?


rosengje said...

I have never warmed up to The Bening. She is always my least favorite thing in otherwise enjoyable projects (i.e. The Grifters, American Beauty).

I'll always be partial to the true Mrs. Beatty: Julie Christie. I heard she taped a video segment for the event, which I cannot wait to see. Wonder if its awkward for Bening with all the ex-girlfriends present?

Anonymous said...

I liked The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone and your history of...Sharon Stone. Sooo funny!

I thank Thom at Planet Fabulon for bring me here, and all the little people that make blogs possible.

Unknown said...

I'm all about the Farmiga love. Granted, I've only seen her in Down to the Bone and The Departed, but yowza she's great in both.

I think she's particularly great in The Departed - she takes the extremely limited, sorta confusing role the screenplay hands har and transcends it with such ease that it's easy to overlook the script's failing in that department. Fantastic. I can't believe she didn't generate any awards steam for it.

Glenn Dunks said...

I don't understand why they're doing so much publicity for Broken Embraces. It's not even out until next year! Yet they keep doing these photo calls things.


dray welcome. hope you enjoy your stay!

RJ said...

Hey . . . there's no guarantee that Annette Bening and Shirley Maclaine aren't related seeing as Shirley has had so many lives.

Hayden said...

I'd venture to say that la Pfeiff is just as thin now as she was circa Dangerous Liaisons. That is to say, her probable natural size. Like, since when has her slender figure been news?

Drew said...

I thought Vera Farmiga gave a fantastic performance in the unnoticed, under-appreciated Joshua. That same website you linked to makes a slew of great points about the movie. I think it's worth checking out for anyone interested either in her or retro horror-mysteries a la Rosemary's Baby. Or in both!